ALDO Group Achieves Transformative Results with Legion WFM

April 5, 2024

by Malysa O’Connor

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In our latest case study, ALDO Group North America Improves Operations and Employee Engagement with Legion Workforce Management, ALDO Group shares the three themes that drove their workforce management software selection process and their results after nearly two years on the Legion Workforce Management (WFM) Platform.

Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, the ALDO Group has carved a niche in the fashion footwear, bags, and accessories market. Operating over 1500 stores in 110 countries with over 5000 associates in North America alone, the ALDO Group has maintained a unique blend of a broad global presence with a “people first” philosophy. This approach is underpinned by their core values of love, respect, and integrity, which are more than just words; they guide everything they do across the organization, including how they manage and engage with their employees.

Embracing Technology to Enhance the Employee Experience

The ALDO team noticed their employees struggled with outdated and inefficient scheduling methods, such as taking pictures of paper schedules posted in stores. These cumbersome methods highlighted the need for a more flexible and engaging approach to workforce management. Their “Voice of the Associate” surveys, a cornerstone of employee engagement and retention, consistently suggested that associates wanted better scheduling tools and shift options. In addition, Associates wanted more flexible pay options, but payroll did not have the capacity to adjust pay periods to a more frequent cadence.

Three key themes drove ALDO’s selection of the Legion Workforce Management Platform:

  • Improved Communication: Transitioning from inefficient email-based communication to a more direct and efficient messaging system within the Legion app, allowing for real-time, schedule-aware communications.
  • Automated Scheduling: Simplifying the complex process of managing schedules across numerous locations, giving employees the flexibility to easily request time off, swap shifts, or pick up extra shifts.
  • Elevated Employee Engagement: Enhancing operational efficiency while providing meaningful engagement and benefits directly tied to employees’ work and pay.

Their journey to enhance the employee experience through technology led them to Legion Technologies.

Introducing Legion Was Like Day and Night

ALDO Group selected Legion Automated Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Frontline Communications, and Legion InstantPay.

With Legion, ALDO saw improved employee engagement and reduced manager scheduling time. They now offer all associates the flexibility they want to improve their financial wellness with Earned Wage Access.

Francois“I think flexibility is really key nowadays. We need to be flexible in order to provide our associates with the best possible experience in the stores. If they want to be able to take an extra shift whenever they want, to be able to swap shifts with their colleagues in order to attend to personal business, they can easily do that.”

-Francois Paquin, Senior Operations Manager

A few early results include:

  • Using Survey and Polls in Legion allows managers and corporate teams to capture actionable data and insights on engagement and satisfaction with the most accurate employee information.
  • Leadership can measure the reach of communications by tracking views, clicks, and responses to all their important communications.
  • Associates adopted the solution immediately, and with Legion InstantPay, ALDO saw an added benefit: clock-in performance for employees who adopted InstantPay improved by 66% in the first three months. Today, InstantPay users have 72% better clock-in performance than non-users.

To learn more about the transformation ALDO Group has achieved, read the case study now, or you can listen to ALDO share their story live from NRF 2024.