How AI-Native Workforce Management Benefits Enterprises

April 3, 2024

by Malysa O’Connor

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How businesses approach staffing, scheduling, and productivity has dramatically changed since AI-native workforce management software stepped on the scene.

Business owners can now make more intelligent decisions—impacting their bottom line and elevating their overall performance in a way they could have never done before.

In this article, we’ll uncover the tangible benefits that AI technology brings to the table. We’ll also explore what you’re missing by not using a platform like Legion Workforce Management (WFM).

AI-Native Workforce Management Software: Key Points

  • Legion’s AI-driven software empowers businesses to proactively address staffing needs, boost efficiency, and easily manage compliance.
  • Businesses can measure the impact of AI-powered WFM software through several metrics: increased sales, reduced labor costs, higher productivity levels, improved employee engagement, minimized compliance risk, and more precise and accurate forecasts.
  • Embracing technology like Legion’s WFM platform offers businesses a strategic advantage in terms of efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

The Strategic Advantage of AI in Workforce Management

One of the top ways AI-native WFM software transforms enterprises goes beyond just automating daily tasks. AI enhances decision-making capabilities, and with machine learning, it continuously learns and improves.

With the help of Legion’s Demand Forecasting software, companies can foresee staffing needs, anticipate customer demands, and prepare accordingly.

Traditional models have difficulty learning diverse patterns without manual adjustments. In contrast, Legion’s ML-based approach automatically learns numerous patterns from historical data, adjusting for seasonality and holidays. Continuously monitored and compared with projections, the system refines its forecasts, ensuring adaptability to changing conditions.

Labor is automatically recomputed to compare an improved forecast and labor plan to what was previously published. You can adapt and react quickly to business changes by continuously reforecasting and regenerating labor guidance.

With the power of AI, you can give your business a competitive edge that has been previously unattainable.

Optimizing Labor with AI-Driven Insights

WFM systems that are intelligent, automated, and employee-centric transform how enterprises understand and optimize their labor requirements.

Predictive analytics are one key aspect of Legion’s Labor Optimization software. Legion instantly predicts staffing needs in 15-minute, 30-minute, or daily increments, ensuring better customer service and reduced labor costs. And that’s on top of aligning labor plans with precise demand forecasts and customer standards.

Perhaps you’re also wondering about compliance.With preloaded compliance templates and real-time scheduling guidance, managers can easily create fully compliant schedules that align with employee skills, preferences, and regulatory and company requirements. This significantly decreases the risk of fines while ensuring workforce efficiency.

Legion Time and Attendance delivers end-to-end compliance management. It is tightly integrated with Legion Automated Scheduling to ensure Legion-created schedules meet all compliance requirements. Time and Attendance proactively notifies managers when a schedule edit may cause premium pay, and employees can consent to schedule changes and clopening at the time clock or on their mobile device. In addition, Time and Attendance flags the timesheet and alerts the manager of any assessed compliance premiums based on employee clocks, ensuring that the premiums paid are accurate and necessary.

Timesheet and scheduling attestation tools also enable employees to consent to changes or edits.

Without AI, managing these tasks would require substantial time and effort, leaving room for human error and increased compliance risk.

Enhancing Manager Experience Through Intelligent Automation

Any organization employing hourly workers knows how crucial the role of managers is. Instead of spending valuable hours manually managing the schedule, Automated Scheduling empowers managers to make smart choices guided by the latest data insights.

With the power of AI, managers can easily handle unexpected schedule changes and automatically optimize labor. The software also integrates with external task management software to simplify daily tasks for everyone.

By putting this time back in your managers’ pockets, they can spend more time on the floor, interacting with employees and customers, improving employee satisfaction, and boosting revenue for the business.

A recent case study examined a company implementing Legion WFM’s software. Not only did our software make employees’ and managers’ lives easier, but it also showed that when managers had more time to contribute on the floor, they saw a 22% increase in sales.

Measuring the Impact of AI on Workforce Management

Enterprises are now leveraging AI-driven workforce management tools to transform their operations, and several quantifiable metrics will demonstrate the value and ROI of your WFM system.

Labor Cost Reduction: Compare the cost of labor before and after implementing Legion WFM solutions. This can include savings from optimized scheduling, reduced overtime, and improved efficiency in resource allocation.

Improved Labor Efficiency: Automate daily tasks to free managers for higher value activities and drive overall store efficiency by matching labor to demand and staffing top performers at peak times.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Look at the percentage of scheduled hours that your employees work compared to their planned schedule to measure schedule adherence (a good indicator of employee engagement). Legion also offers employee polling and communication capabilities, so you can find out how your staff feels straight from the source.

Minimized Compliance Risks: Monitor the frequency of compliance issues such as violations of labor laws, health and safety regulations, or company policies. With smart software on your side, you are likely to find a reduction in penalties and legal risks associated with non-compliance.

Enhanced Forecasting Accuracy: Evaluate the accuracy of AI-generated workforce demand forecasts compared to actual demand. This could involve measuring forecast errors or deviations from predicted staffing needs.

Pioneering a New Era of Workforce Management with AI

Whether your organization uses AI to navigate staffing needs, optimize labor resources, drive efficiency, or enhance decision-making like never before, the benefits are clear. And even better—the ripple effects extend beyond the bottom line, fostering happier, more engaged teams.

It’s clear that the future of workforce management is AI-powered, and those who pioneer this new era will lead the way to lasting success. If you’re ready to embark on this transformative journey, Legion Workforce Management Solutions offer the tools and insights you need to thrive in the digital age.