Revolutionizing Retail: The Impact of Earned Wage Access on Store Operations

January 25, 2024

by Matt Cromar

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In our recent webcast titled “The Productivity Well-Being Feedback Loop”, we sat down with industry experts Daniel Eckert, recognized FinTech and digital retail pioneer, and Emily Trant, Head of Impact & Inclusion at Wagestream, to discuss how improving employee financial well-being drives improvements in operational metrics. Aside from the clear benefits to hourly workers, we identified three key organizational stakeholders that can benefit from implementing an Earned Wage Access (EWA) program We discussed how Payroll and HR can profit from EWA in previous posts, and in this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of EWA to Operations teams.

Managing a dynamic and efficient workforce is a constant challenge for retail store operations teams. Implementing EWA for hourly workers can be a game-changer. This blog explores how EWA, as integrated within Legion’s WFM Platform, can enhance store operations and support a thriving retail environment.

EWA: A New Frontier in Workforce Management

EWA allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages ahead of their scheduled payday. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for hourly workers in retail, who often face financial constraints. Legion’s WFM integration of EWA into its workforce management system represents a significant leap forward in addressing these challenges.

From a “Vicious” to a “Virtuous Cycle”

Operations teams are driven by key metrics to keep productivity high. In this webcast excerpt, Emily and Daniel dive into some of the challenges and solutions that present themselves when work and pay are more tightly coupled in WFM software.

Benefits of EWA for Store Operations Teams

The Operational benefits when EWA is part of workforce management software can be wide-ranging, including:

  • Improvements to Clock Hygiene: When work and pay are tightly coupled, employees quickly learn that having good attendance and clock hygiene directly impacts how quickly they can access their pay. Legion’s customer, Aldo Group, recently saw a 66% reduction in late clock-ins after adopting Legion InstantPay.
  • Boosting Employee Morale and Productivity: Immediate access to earned wages can significantly improve employee morale. Legion’s 2023 State of the Hourly Workforce survey showed a 20X increase in demand for EWA solutions by hourly workers over the last 3 years. Happier employees are often more productive and engaged, directly benefiting store operations.
  • Enhancing Employee Retention: The retail sector frequently grapples with high turnover rates. By offering EWA, stores can provide a compelling reason for employees to stay, reducing turnover and associated training costs.
  • Optimizing Workforce Management: Legion’s WFM Platform enables store operations teams to align workforce scheduling with actual labor demand. Implementing EWA adds another layer of flexibility, allowing employees to balance their work and personal lives more effectively.
  • Improving Customer Service: Employees who are less stressed about their financial situation can focus better on delivering excellent customer service. EWA can contribute to creating a more positive and customer-focused store environment.

Legion WFM: Enhancing Retail Operations

Legion’s WFM integration of EWA is a testament to its understanding of the unique challenges faced by the retail sector. The platform not only provides a solution for immediate wage access but also offers comprehensive workforce management tools tailored to the needs of retail operations.

Implementing EWA in Retail

For store operations teams looking to implement EWA, the process involves selecting a robust platform like Legion WFM, integrating it with existing systems, and ensuring clear communication with the workforce about this new offering. Legion offers a fully integrated solution that is easy for companies to implement and convenient for employees.


Incorporating EWA into the payroll system is a strategic move for retail store operations teams. It addresses the immediate needs of hourly workers while enhancing overall workforce management. Legion WFM is a comprehensive solution that meets these needs, offering a pathway to more efficient, employee-friendly, and productive retail operations. Watch the entire webcast to learn how Payroll, HR, and Operations can all win together

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