How Workforce Management Software Benefits HR Departments: A Comprehensive Overview

January 30, 2024

by Malysa O’Connor

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In today’s fast-paced retail environment, Human Resources (HR) departments must be able to manage a large workforce effectively.

With the industry undergoing rapid changes and facing numerous challenges, such as high turnover rates, complex scheduling needs, and compliance requirements, HR needs innovative solutions to stay ahead.

Traditional workforce management methods do not meet the demands of the digital age. They overlook important aspects like employee engagement, automated scheduling, accurate, granular forecasts, and modern mobile tools that provide employees with gig-like flexibility.

HR needs more intelligent tools to simplify administrative work, empower employees, improve compliance, and help the business grow.

Legion Workforce Management (WFM) software provides the capabilities today’s HR teams need. Find out exactly how WFM software can positively impact your HR department, employees, and business.

Key Takeaways

  • AI-powered software makes daily tasks easier for HR teams and helps them manage labor law compliance.
  • Flexible scheduling, instant pay, and performance rewards all contribute to happier employees.
  • Integrating workforce management with Human Capital Management technology provides valuable synergy for an organization’s overall well-being.

The Role of HR Departments in Organizations

HR departments are the heart and soul of an organization, helping to support employees and the company they work for. They recruit top talent, develop training programs, and manage benefits packages. But their roles have grown more complex with time.

Modern HR teams also need to make sure they’re following labor laws. These rules can be challenging as they change from state to state and even city by city.

How Workforce Management Software Streamlines HR Operations

Workforce management software helps HR professionals simplify their jobs while keeping track of compliance. As a result, organizations can avoid the fines that come with violations while making work easier for their hard-working HR staff.

WFM software also helps HR departments manage their daily tasks. Legion uses the power of AI to reduce time spent on manual tasks such as scheduling and managing payroll exceptions.

Workforce Management Software and Compliance with Labor Laws

Navigating the complex web of labor laws is no easy task for HR departments.

Legion WFM software simplifies complex labor law compliance by applying predefined compliance templates to automate rules, compute premiums, and deliver stable, predictive schedules. Less room for human error means less risk of non-compliance penalties.

The importance of this function cannot be overstated; compliance violations can cost businesses thousands of dollars in fines.

Give your HR team peace of mind by providing smart technology that will automatically help them manage compliance.

Workforce Management Software Can Boost Employee Morale and Engagement

Legion’s software has many features that make HR’s job easier. One thing that’s very important to HR is having happy and engaged employees. Legion has several products that can directly impact employee happiness—a win for everyone.

Legion’s Automated Scheduling gives employees flexible work schedules, enables them to swap or pick up shifts, and sets preferences for how much, when, and where they work, empowering them to balance their personal lives with work. With a greater sense of ownership over their jobs, your staff will likely have a much higher morale overall.

Additionally, Legion InstantPay gives employees instant access to their earned wages. They can see at a glance how much they would earn working a shift and collect their pay at the end of the shift. Hourly employees highly value that extra financial stability.

Performance and Rewards allows you to recognize top performers unbiasedly, making them feel good about their work and giving them transparency and visibility into their performance.

Beyond pay and scheduling, effective communication is also very important to employees. Frontline Communications allows you to share important updates and even use polls and surveys to gather employee sentiment to monitor engagement.

Integrating Workforce Management Software With Human Capital Management

You can give your HR department a much-needed edge by combining the power of Legion’s Workforce Management Software with your existing HCM technology.

This integration streamlines operations and ensures consistency across different systems. For example, when you update an employee’s profile in your HCM system, those changes will reflect automatically in Legion WFM software.

If you’re looking to boost efficiency while keeping all your essential information synced up—integrating Legion’s Workforce Management Software with your HCM platform is the way forward. Let HR professionals focus more on strategic tasks instead of manually updating records in multiple systems.

See What Legion Can Do For Your HR Team

Legion WFM software automates daily tasks and makes it easier for HR to manage compliance with complex labor regulations. You’ll see far fewer errors thanks to predictive scheduling and automatic time-tracking. And that’s all while it frees up your HR department’s time.

AI-powered WFM maximizes labor efficiencies and employee engagement simultaneously while making your HR team’s daily lives easier. With flexible scheduling, instant pay options (Legion InstantPay), performance rewards, and employee communication tools, your workforce will feel empowered—which boosts morale and engagement.

Moving forward doesn’t have to be complicated; Legion’s AI-driven technology makes it easy. Your HR team will thank you!

To learn more, contact us today for a demo of Legion WFM.