Market-Leading Scheduling and Store Communications Platform – Legion and Retail Zipline

October 20, 2020

by Rishi Taparia

Legion Retail Zipline Partnership

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Retail Zipline to deliver a combined scheduling and communications platform for the world’s leading retail brands. Together, we’ll help retailers achieve better business agility, ensure stores stay in compliance with all state and federal guidelines, and engage frontline teams with the communication tools they need to provide the best customer experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented retailers with myriad more business challenges. They have to execute complex directives, communicate detailed and often-changing safety standards, and comply with up-to-date healthy worker mandates. Joint customers of Legion and Retail Zipline will now be able to maintain their agility while addressing the changing market conditions, all while ensuring they are maximizing labor efficiency and employee engagement using Legion’s AI-powered workforce management platform.

Here are a few other ways Legion and Retail Zipline help leading retail brands stay agile, compliant, and more productive:

  • Improving labor efficiency by 15% – Legion WFM one-click scheduling automates the cumbersome process of forecasting, scheduling, and verifying compliance.
  • Eliminating time-consuming processes – Retail Zipline’s real-time Messaging feature makes communication between HQ and associates easier than ever, and its Resource Library helps store teams find information quickly, so they can spend more time with customers.
  • Engaging hourly employees –  Legion and Retail Zipline help associates feel happier, engaged, and more productive by empowering store teams to bring brands to life. Legion’s self-service approach to scheduling gives employees autonomy, allowing them to verify upcoming work hours and pick up additional shifts from anywhere using its intuitive mobile app. And Retail Zipline makes it easy to inspire teams with pictures, videos, and GIFs, in an environment that looks and feels like the brand.

Would you like to see Legion WFM in action? Contact us for a demo.