Keep shoppers coming back for more

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Provide the right staff at the right time

In this era of omnichannel retail, brick and mortar still accounts for a large part of sales. Whether shoppers make purchases online and pick-up in store or only shop in person, you can provide the best experience for them. Legion helps you stand out from the crowd by providing the right staff at the right time to keep sales humming.

What Legion can do for Retail

Here are some of the ways the end-to-end Legion solution helps retailers gain competitive advantage

Seasonal help

Back to school time? Extra holiday staff? Legion meets all your workforce needs including those of temporary workers that may come in and out of your workforce. You can easily activate and de-activate employees, enlist volunteers to take on ad-hoc requests and more, all while increasing engagement and giving today’s employee the flexibility they desire.

Zones and greeters

Legion does complex and detailed labor forecasts based on factors like number of entrances, number of bathrooms, square footage and more, and marries it with precise modeling so you know precisely how much labor you need and can automatically schedule the best employees for the job.

Stocking and delivery

Logistics play an important role in any retailer’s business, and things like truck delivery days have a large impact on workforce needs. Legion factors in thousands of data points, like delivery dates, so you know how much time and who to allocate to tasks like stocking and merchandising.

Promotions and events

Promotions play a crucial role in store traffic. Legion demand forecasts consider not only factors like weather but also data like holidays and special promotions so you get accurate predictions, down to 30-minute increments and by location, so you know precisely the staff you’ll need to keep customers satisfied.

Traffic or sales-driven forecasts

Retail managers can see today’s sales forecast, approve employee time-off and swap requests, and more from their mobile devices without being tied to a computer. Giving them more time to help shoppers, coach the team, or do other strategic activities versus manual forecasting and scheduling.

Time, attendance and payroll integration

Legion provides accurate forecasts married with one-click scheduling. The final piece of the puzzle —attendance tracking— is solved with an easy-to-use time and attendance solution that turns your tablet into a kiosk. Verify scheduled employees, see missing time sheets, view compliance violations and more.