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Legion WFM allows you to maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously.

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2023 State of the Hourly Workforce Report

Read the report, “2023: State of the Hourly Workforce,” to learn the root of hourly employees’ dissatisfaction and what businesses can do to improve the employee experience.

Retail Scheduling Software: A Buyer’s Guide

Retail scheduling software overcomes many scheduling challenges that retailers face day to day. Read our guide and discover how it can impact you.

ALDO Group: Why Flexibility is the Key to Workforce Efficiency and Employee Engagement

Delivering a modern, engaging employee experience while maintaining efficiency is key to ALDO Group’s operations today. Check out this webcast to learn how they’ve been able to optimize labor costs while improving their associate experience with Legion WFM.

2023 Retail Trends Report: Transforming Labor Operations and the Employee Experience Through Automation

In this report, a panel of retail technology experts from Legion, YOOBIC, and RetailNext share actionable insights on how to use AI-powered technologies to improve labor efficiency and the frontline employee experience.

2023 Retail Trends: Top Strategies to Transform Labor Operations and the Frontline Employee Experience

Cathy Hotka, founder of the NRF CIO Council and the Store Operations Council, leads a panel of top retail technology specialists from Legion, RetailNext, and YOOBIC. They will delve into the impact of recent shifts in consumer behavior, unpredictable demand, supply chain volatility, and new emerging technologies on the retail industry.

Workforce Management Software for Retail: A Buyer’s Guide

Learn everything you need to know about retail workforce management from the industry’s leading software provider.

Re-Learning Retail Love: The New Best Practices for Acquiring and Retaining Talent

In this webinar, Zipline and Legion share best practices for acquiring and retaining talent, taken directly from the playbooks of the leading C-Store brands.

Top Reasons Retailers are Turning to Legion

Leading retailers are turning to Legion for a fresh, innovative approach to WFM. There are many reasons why customers select Legion’s intelligent, automated, employee-centric WFM software, but these are the top reasons we hear from our customers.

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SMCP’s New Superpower – AI-Based Scheduling using Legion WFM

Learn how SMCP reduced scheduling time by 50% giving managers more time for selling and training — resulting in 22% sales contribution increase.

Intelligent Automation Powered by Legion WFM

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation across the entire workforce management process continuum by continuously learning from data, leveraging AI, while improving employee satisfaction.

Intelligent Automation Powered by Legion WFM: Say Goodbye to Your Legacy Solution

Workforce management doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch this webcast to learn how you can unburden managers and give employees the flexibility they need with a fresh, innovative approach to WFM.

Intelligently Automate Compliance Management eBook

Discover the ultimate solution to streamline compliance management with our comprehensive eBook. Gain expert insights, practical tips, and real-life case studies to ensure your business stays compliant.

Intelligent, Automated Scheduling and Time and Attendance

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation. It helps managers make better decisions & execute more efficiently. It automates routine scheduling and time & attendance tasks.

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Legion WFM: Improving the Hourly Employee Experience through Intelligent Automation

Legion workforce management enables intelligent automation. It empowers hourly employees with gig-like schedule flexibility, modern self-service tools, and instant access to earned wages and helps businesses recruit and retain hourly employees.

AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

With Legion Demand Forecasting, you can improve business agility, accuracy, and labor efficiency – automatically.

The Total Economic Impact™ of the Legion Workforce Management Platform

The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

Forrester Consulting found Legion Retail WFM delivers retailers 13x ROI and $14.3 hard-dollar savings for a company with 10k employees moving from a legacy solution.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

Infographic: The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

A recent study by Forrester Consulting shows a 1,345% Return on Investment for Legion’s Retail WFM platform.. Download the infographic now to help assess the financial impact your organization could experience with Legion Workforce Management.

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National Discount Retailer Gets 56x Return on Cost Per Store and $10M in Savings with Legion WFM

Learn how a national discount retailer achieved a 500 basis point improvement in workload scheduling efficiency across thousands of stores using intelligent automation powered by Legion Workforce Management.

MUJI NA Improves Employee Engagement, Comms, & Scheduling

MUJI NA chose Legion WFM to improve its workforce management. “Legion’s AI capabilities were just what we were looking for given the complexity of our operations.”

Automated Scheduling Datasheet

Automated Scheduling automatically generates schedules that best align with business and employee needs – all with one click. It improves your employees’ effectiveness, attitude, and well-being.

Frontline Communications Solution Brief

Frontline Communications has a consumer-like design, including familiar tools like Chat, Newsfeed, and more. Fast mobile app adoption makes it easy for managers to keep all hourly employees informed.

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Frontline Communications

Legion Frontline Communications offers a complete set of modern tools designed specifically to allow frontline hourly employees to communicate and connect with peers and managers.

Man looking at mobile phone in a department store isle.

Legion InstantPay

Legion InstantPay is a fast, cost-effective, integrated solution that helps ease employees’ financial stress by giving them access to earned wages and financial well-being.

The Productivity Well-Being Feedback Loop

Join our webcast to learn how you can create a positive feedback loop with employees through strategies such as Earned Wage Access.

Legion SAP Success Factors

Legion WFM Now Available on SAP Store

Come meet SAP's newest partner and learn how Legion WFM integrates with SAP SuccessFactors to simplify employee lifecycle management and provide the retail industry with the ability to maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously with intelligent, automated, employee-centric workforce management.