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How to Avoid Compliance Lawsuit Headlines Like “NYC Sues Chipotle for Over $150M”

That was the headline last week and the latest in a series of labor law compliance suits against Chipotle. While they’ve been sued for violations …

Navigating Employment Compliance Laws – Split Shifts and Spread of Hours

States have passed legislation that requires companies to compensate hourly employees who work split shifts and to limit the spread of hours for an employee’s shift.

Navigating Employment Compliance Rules – Covid-19 and Hazard Pay Laws

With employers and workers still facing the COVID-19 pandemic more than a year later, many lawmakers are working on legislation to help protect frontline workers.

How Distribution Centers Can Manage Labor Costs and Engage Employees

Distribution center operators have unique challenges due to the nature of their business. They must operate efficiently, comply with labor laws, and cultivate and retain …

The New Normal Requires a Robust Digital Transformation Strategy

Recently Sanish Mondkar, CEO and founder of Legion, talked with Jeff Somers at The Future of Business and Tech for his article, The New “Business-As-Usual …

Navigating Employment Compliance Rules – Reducing Overtime and Double Time

Legion WFM helps manage overtime / double time to reduce compliance risk. With built-in compliance, customers have reduced compliance violations by 25%.

Navigating Employment Compliance Rules – Scheduling Minors

We recently shared our new on-demand webcast, Transforming Workplace Compliance With AI. Today, we’ll dive deeper into the rules for Scheduling Minors.

What are …

Navigating Employment Compliance Rules – Fair Workweek

Last week, we shared our new on-demand webcast, Transforming Workplace Compliance With AI. Today, we’ll dive deeper into the Fair Workweek rules.

What are …

Transforming Workplace Compliance With AI

We have a new on-demand webcast, Transforming Workplace Compliance With AI, where Kristin Brennan and Justin Siu show how Legion WFM helps you automate …