Legion at NRF 2023 – Don’t Miss Out, There’s a Lot to See

January 3, 2023

by Matt Cromar

Legion Limerick Blog Thumbnail

NRF is coming soon, so let us be clear.
We at Legion know 2023 will be a great year.

Intelligent automation, it’s what we do best.
We consume all of your data and surface forecasting better than the rest.

Some big ideas are brewing, labor planning, and engaging the team.
Weekly schedules are automated; it’s not just a dream.

Start your day with Legion; lots of frontline workers do too.
We’ll fill you up with coffee; we’ve got quite the delightful brew!

Swing by our booth if you get a quick chance.
We’re sure to entertain you with a sweet WFM demo dance.

Join us, along with Cathy Hotka and Associates; senior execs will cohort.
At this Retail Insiders Party, where consuming cocktails is a sport.

Lunch is on Legion, booth 6-3-2-7.
Perhaps an AMEX gift card is in your future, along with some snacks from food heaven.

Our great partner Zipline, they manage all of your tasks.
Join the reTAILGATE party on Sunday with wings, drinks, and answers to all your employee engagement asks.

RetailNext, YOOBIC, and Legion – the trifecta for your frontline.
Come try berry martinis at S Bar and learn how to better manage your time.

Monday’s luxury raffle, we’re kidding you not.
With some Nike, Chanel, and PGA golf gift cards, we think you’ll agree that it’s quite hot.

And just when you’d think this awesome may end, there is still more to come.
Collaborative is joining us for cocktails on Monday – stop by for an Aperol Spritz and some WFM fun.

Lots of great customers chose us, all from far and from wide.
We’ll show you some logos that we always showcase with pride.

Results that are proven, or so Forrester will say.
Big ROI payback each long retail day.

So go out and grab it; NRF won’t come to you.
Book a meeting with Legion, and we’ll show you it’s true!