Top 3 Tips for HR and Ops to Empower Hourly Employees with Frontline Communications

March 31, 2022

by Casey Castellanos

two women working in a retail store using tablet

In our recent webcast, Empower, Engage, and Retain Your Hourly Employees with Legion Frontline Communications, our speakers, Traci Chernoff, Director of Employee Engagement, and Malysa O’Connor, VP of Product Marketing, discussed the benefits that employers can offer beyond pay, that will:

  1. Empower hourly employees to balance their work-life commitments
  2. Engage with their managers and colleagues to easily manage their schedules and grow their skills
  3. Enhance their experience, so they’re happier and fulfilled in their work

Hourly Employees’ Expectations Are Changing

A recent study found that outdated, legacy technology plays a bigger role in the challenge of retaining hourly employees than you might think. Schedule empowerment and flexibility are critical, with 59% of employees citing scheduling issues as a reason they would quit a job. And another 39% of employees indicated poor communication with managers and their company as a reason they would leave their job.

Reducing the 60% Average Turnover Rate

Attrition has always been prevalent in retail. Traci and Malysa discussed the specific reasons driving an increase in attrition beyond historical levels. One, of course, is the Great Resignation. “70% of executives say labor shortages – especially in hourly wage jobs – will hamper retail growth in 2022,” according to Deloitte. The pandemic also created a massive upheaval in all sectors, yet it’s also been a catalyst for change. In addition to revamping store operations, agile businesses are looking at ways to attract hourly employees with modern digital communications.

How HR and Operations Leaders Can Work Together to Retain Employees

Many businesses use workforce sharing to enhance the employee experience, reaping the benefits of more satisfied employees and optimized labor efficiency. Some locations are limited in the number of hours they can offer employees. But thanks to workforce sharing, employees can pick up shifts at other locations, which increases their opportunities to earn higher wages and may make them eligible for benefits.

Watch the On-Demand Webcast

Watch the on-demand webcast to get all the details on how to use Legion Frontline Communications to empower, engage, and retain hourly employees.

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