Delivering Employee Value Through AI-Powered Workforce Management

July 8, 2021

by Casey Castellanos

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Sanish Mondkar (Legion CEO and founder) and Kristin Brennan (Legion VP of Marketing) presented at HR Tech North America in June. In case you missed it, you can watch the session on-demand to learn how using modern technologies increases employee engagement, Delivering Employee Value Through AI-Powered Workforce Management.

We’re well aware of how much COVID-19 impacted people in all industries, and businesses with hourly frontline employees were particularly hard hit. Wild fluctuations in demand caused havoc for hourly employees and managers who had to scramble to fill schedule gaps due to employees calling out because of infection, quarantine, or fear of becoming infected at work.

The pandemic magnified employers’ existing pain points, such as high churn rates and replacement costs for hourly employees. It reminded many that rate increases alone aren’t sufficient to keep employees engaged. This situation has further accelerated technology trends like using AI-based labor optimization and schedule empowerment. Improving employee engagement and attendance through scheduling empowerment helps employees feel they have more control over their daily lives.

Our presentation focuses on how businesses can deliver greater value to their hourly employees through schedule empowerment, access to pay, and a modern digital experience while simultaneously optimizing labor efficiency – using AI-powered workforce management.

Sanish and Kristin shared how Philz Coffee is using Legion WFM. On their careers page, they market shift-flexibility offered via Legion WFM as a perk. Their site says, “Team members use the Legion app to sign up for shifts that fit their lives, as well as shifts at other store locations.” This perk is featured right alongside healthcare benefits, PTO, and commuter benefits.

Another example is a comment from a national convenience store chain’s director of store operations who said that during interviews, they explain the benefits of working for them – like a fun environment and good culture. But most importantly, they take care of their employees by providing them solutions like Legion WFM. For example, the team tells potential employees they can download the app, set work preferences, decide if they want to work in a particular location, and pick up extra hours in other locations. As a result, Legion WFM is a selling point for them.

Here’s what you’ll learn from the session Delivering Employee Value Through AI-Powered Workforce Management

  • Understand how businesses can deliver value and create engagement with their hourly employees beyond providing a wage increase.
  • Learn why schedule empowerment, gig-like flexibility, and modern self-service tools can create higher engagement of hourly employees.
  • Watch how AI-powered WFM enables businesses to react quickly in a rapidly changing business environment and bridge the gap between good planning and good execution through automation.

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