Sanish Mondkar Posts on Forbes Blog – What Makes a Good Job

February 17, 2021

by Kristin Brennan

Legion Wfm What Makes Good Job

Legion CEO Sanish Mondkar is a Forbes Councils Member, and he was recently featured on the Forbes blog with his post: What Makes a Good Job?

Legion’s fundamental goal is to help make hourly jobs into “good” jobs. We built Legion WFM, our AI-powered platform, to help companies manage and empower their hourly employees.

In his post, Sanish discusses the general state of hourly jobs in the US and the challenges that both companies and employees face. “According to a 2015 survey, the annual turnover rate for hourly employees is 49%, with an average cost of $4,969 per employee.”

Hourly employees have to juggle their home-life commitments with a job that often doesn’t provide flexible work hours, healthcare benefits, or sick leave.

Sanish shared four things that employers can do to help turn hourly jobs into “good” jobs. Read the article to get all of the details. Sanish concluded, “Good jobs create happier, more productive employees who are less likely to quit. At an average cost of $4,969 per employee who quits, imagine how much money could be saved if they stayed on board.”

We’d love to show you how Legion WFM can help your company maximize labor efficiency and help keep your employees happy. Just request a demo, and we’ll get in touch.