Retail Sales Improvement

Staff right. Deliver exceptional customer service.

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Good service can boost transaction value by 80 percent


Legion predicts staff needs for any given day and shift with AI-driven demand forecasting. That’s just the beginning. We also measure staff productivity and let you categorize workers to ensure the best staff is working during peak periods or special events when customer service is a make-or-break moment.

What Legion can do for Retail Sales Improvement

Here are some of the ways Legion can help retailers boost sales

Highly accurate forecasts

No other solution delivers the high degree of accuracy in labor forecasts as Legion, with auto-generated forecasts for every store in 30-minute increments—either by item or by the hour—so you know exactly the type of staff you’ll need each day, week and hour to deliver exceptional customer service and ensure you are never understaffed or overstaffed.

Omnichannel support

Legion’s AI-based forecasts factor in 100s of data points and variables like exchanges and in-store pickup peak periods—so brick and mortar retailers can account for activity that originates online and is finished in-person. Ensure you always have the right staff at the right time to solidify your brand reputation and deliver a consistent experience across channels.

Automated scheduling

Legion automated schedules are intuitive, simple to understand and easy to edit so your labor needs are covered no matter the circumstance. An events feed is factored into demand forecasts so special days that require extra staffing have just the right coverage. And, employee preferences are matched with business needs via a simple click.

Productivity metrics

Legion automatically measures the productivity of sales team members for any given shift e.g., weekend/weekday peak and off-peak and aggregates results then assigns productivity metrics so the next time a schedule is generated, top performers will automatically be assigned for peak periods and so on.

Badges and categorization

Legion lets you assign badges (or custom tags) to indicate relevant skills, performance or other attributes about each employee— like key holders or trainers—for easy employee categorization and scheduling to ensure your customers are always satisfied.

Integrates traffic counters, POS data

Legion uses machine learning to create sophisticated demand models that continually improve. But we don’t just stop there; we also integrate traffic counter and POS data to so you know when to staff the best employees to deliver the exceptional experience your customers expect.