Role of Workforce Management Software in Employee Productivity

February 22, 2024

by Matt Cromar

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How much more could your team achieve with the right tools? Imagine a workplace where every hour counts, each shift is optimized, and no effort goes unnoticed. Legion has made all of this possible with our workforce management software.

Workforce management software can unlock your employees’ potential and transform your business. Take control of productivity, engage employees in new ways, and make smart labor decisions backed by data.

From flexible work schedules to rewarding a job well done, you’ll discover real strategies that will help you increase productivity.

Find out how to leverage the power of intelligent automation to make your employees (and customers) much happier.

Summary of Workforce Management Software for Employee Productivity

  • Employees are the backbone of any company, but it can be challenging to increase productivity.
  • Factors that impact productivity include flexible scheduling, access to earned wages, and job recognition.
  • Legion Workforce Management makes it easier for companies to boost employee efficiency for real results.

The Importance of Employee Productivity in the Workplace

Your business couldn’t operate without productive employees. When your staff is more engaged and devoted to their work, they’ll deliver better results and create a better work culture, which drives growth.

But managing that productivity isn’t so simple. And, with staffing shortages, many companies struggle to figure out how to get more from their resources.

A productive workforce isn’t just about working harder but smarter. Many factors can influence productivity, like staff motivation levels, skills training, and even the software tools you use.

And low productivity certainly has its downsides. Some of the consequences are missed sales opportunities, subpar customer service quality, and even financial losses.

Factors That May Affect Productivity

Since maintaining a productive workforce can be challenging for many companies, it’s important to identify what will positively impact productivity. Once you know what they are, you can learn how to address them.

Workplace Flexibility

Give staff members a sense of authority over their work-life balance with flexible scheduling options. Providing schedules that meet employee availability and preferences reduces last-minute callouts or absenteeism. Give them flexibility regarding when, where, and how long they work. Give them flexibility in their day by enabling them to work in different roles during their shift. They could work on the store floor for a few hours as a cashier for part of their shift and prepare merchandise for another segment.

Schedule the Right Amount of Employees

Ensure you consistently have the appropriate number of employees for each shift. Too few can lead to stress overload for your team and missed service opportunities with customers, while too many might result in employees standing around with nothing to do while exceeding your budget for store operations.

Recognize a Job Well Done

Rewards make your team feel valued and motivate them to perform better. Recognizing their efforts can boost morale significantly, contributing positively to overall productivity. Employees are less likely to be engaged with their work if they don’t feel valued. According to Legion’s 2023 State of the Hourly Workforce Report, 52% of hourly workers reported greater recognition and rewards as a top 3 reason they would consider taking a new job.

Track Employee Performance

Managers should keep track of employee performance to see where there’s room for improvement. You can promptly address issues by providing regular feedback, resulting in more efficient employees. Software such as Legion WFM provides a platform on which all related performance data for your employees can be tracked and managed effectively.

On-Demand Access to Wages

Employees might have trouble getting motivated to work if they’re stressed about bills. Providing immediate access to earned wages before payday can help increase financial wellness and productivity. With work more closely tied to pay with earned wage access embedded in WFM software, employees are encouraged to maintain good clock hygiene by arriving and departing work on time. Employees can also see how much they could earn if they pick up an extra shift, which provides additional motivation and helps fill gaps in the schedule.

Companies need various strategies to help maintain an optimum level of employee productivity.

Workforce Management Software Enhances Employee Productivity

Organizations turn towards technology to help them boost employee efficiency—specifically workforce management software (WFM). WFM solutions provide businesses with features that let them track performance metrics easily so they can quickly identify areas needing improvement.

When managers can see how well their teams perform, they can make more informed decisions around resource allocation and workflow.

Workforce management software also keeps operations running smoothly. Legion has built tools that directly impact your employees’ productivity and their overall happiness.

Performance and Rewards

Track performance and give instant feedback and rewards to motivate your employees. By doing so, you’re not just watching output but also ensuring everyone feels valued for their hard work. Gamification and modern communication tools enable you to send out a kudos message or recognize a job well done, making it easy to give your employees the boost they need.

Legion InstantPay

Getting paid instantly can make all the difference for some workers. You’re likely to see higher morale and productivity from employees when you give them the option for better financial stability. According to Legion’s 2023 State of the Hourly Workforce Report, 80% of hourly workers state that they have been impacted by economic challenges. Providing solutions that help workers balance their day-to-day finances can help keep your teams happy and healthy.

Automated Scheduling

A flexible schedule means happier staff. Our Automated Scheduling system improves morale by giving your team gig-like flexibility and autonomy over their time while ensuring all shifts are covered effectively. Managers save time by utilizing auto-generated schedules to balance business needs with employee preferences.

Labor Optimization and Demand Forecasting

No more guesswork with scheduling—Demand Forecasting uses historical, operational, syndicated, and pre-integrated data to predict demand automatically and precisely. At the same time, Labor Optimization allows managers to have the right amount of staff at all times. You can achieve optimal scheduling without stress or burnout from overstaffing or understaffing situations.

Boost Employee Productivity with Legion

Employees are the foundation of your business. Although increasing their productivity without burning them out is difficult, it is possible with Legion Workforce Management Software.

Productivity starts with happy, engaged employees. To ensure this happens, we’ve built features directly to boost morale and performance. The right tools will help you foster flexibility, recognize efforts, and make smart staffing decisions.

No need for guesswork or micromanagement—just data-driven results leading to a more productive team. Every hour counts, and each shift matters. Optimize your workforce with Legion today for happier employees tomorrow!

To learn more, contact us today for a Legion WFM demo.