RELEX Live Recap: Unifying Retail Planning

June 8, 2023

by Malysa O’Connor

Legion Relex Thumbnail

Recently we had the opportunity to attend RELEX Live in Atlanta, GA. RELEX Live brings together retail and supply chain professionals to highlight and discuss current trends, emerging technologies, and intelligent planning. It was a fantastic opportunity to talk to retailers worldwide about the joint value RELEX and Legion Workforce Management provide.

The retailers we talked to were looking for innovative, intelligent WFM that, when integrated with RELEX, would provide one integrated, optimized solution to unify retail planning.

With RELEX and Legion together, retailers can unify supply chain planning and workforce planning to optimize labor efficiency and improve execution across inventory, space, and labor, delivering an end-to-end forecasting, global planning, and optimization solution across stores and distribution centers with enhanced reporting and analytics. Here are some of the benefits of our joint solution.

  • Retailers can optimize deliveries to low-demand hours and days for efficiency and lower cost by combining replenishment plans with labor plans.
  • Build better schedules for your employees by matching demand to preferences, saving managers time and freeing them to drive sales, employee, and customer engagement.
  • Improve labor efficiency, e.g., by reducing fluctuating delivery volumes that can easily impact one-third of labor in stores.
  • Stocking activities can be up to 40% of the store’s workload. Together, RELEX and Legion deliver more accurate forecasts to optimize schedules and maximize stocking productivity.
  • Integrated shipping and receiving workloads allow optimal scheduling for the correct number and length of shifts. RELEX provides Legion with actual delivery and volume of delivery to schedule labor where it is most needed.
  • Improve Employee Engagement with modern frontline communication, schedule flexibility, and instant pay for a gig-like employee experience.
  • Increase agility and simplify administration using one workforce management solution across stores and distribution centers.

Learn more about the value your retailer can gain with RELEX and Legion.