Unlocking Greater Frontline Employee Retention Through Flexibility

April 25, 2023

by Amanda Perry

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Today’s world is driven by technology that has simplified our lives through the power of intelligent automation and provided us with greater flexibility – changing how we buy products, get a ride, order food, receive groceries, and more. We have come to expect flexibility and convenience in our daily lives, but are we providing it to our employees?

The pandemic has also changed customers’ buying behavior. A survey by McKinsey & Company found that during the pandemic, 75% of U.S. consumers tried new shopping behavior, such as buying products online that they had previously bought in-store. Of these consumers, 60% said they planned to continue the new behavior after the pandemic. Today, retailers may use numerous channels for purchasing items, including in-store, online pick-up in-store, drive-through, home shipment, and phone orders, all of which must be staffed appropriately. According to Gartner, the physical store has become multifaceted and, in many cases, a fulfillment hub for online ordering. Increased in-store activity has led to a significantly increased focus on improving store productivity while decreasing overall costs. How do retailers balance productivity and cost reductions all while keeping their frontline employees happy?

There is a way, and Legion WFM can help through the power of intelligent automation. You can give frontline employees more flexibility with when and where they work and how they get paid while maintaining labor efficiency.

In a recent webcast, we discussed how flexibility can make the difference between frontline employee retention and attrition and what you can do today to maximize labor efficiency and frontline employee engagement simultaneously. Coming from Store Operations and leadership roles at American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy, and Target, I have experienced today’s challenges with scheduling and flexibility firsthand. Watch the webcast, and you’ll learn solutions to consider for those struggling with Retail Workforce Management today.

Watch the webcast here to learn more.

More About the Author

Amanda is the Director of Customer Success at Legion Technologies and an experienced Customer Success leader. Prior to joining Legion, Amanda spent 15+ in Store Operations and Leadership roles at companies like American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy and Target. Most recently, Amanda worked at a consulting firm where she owned implementation and customer success for Enterprise Retail Organization’s Reflexis Workforce Management and Task Management systems. After being an end user, customer, vendor, and consultant, she has a unique vantage point, which makes her a trusted partner when showing retailers how they can drive value and ROI while using Legion Workforce Management to optimize labor efficiencies and empower frontline employees.