Intelligent Workforce Management Software: Don’t Rely on Luck

March 17, 2023

by Kristin Brennan

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Saint Patrick’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday that has become a cultural phenomenon around the world. While many look forward to wearing green and drinking green beer, for employers and managers, Saint Patrick’s Day can be challenging to precisely forecast demand and schedule hourly employees. Employers can’t rely on “The Luck of the Irish” to get their demand forecasting and employee scheduling right.

With the rise of intelligent, automated, and employee-centric workforce management software, predicting demand and managing frontline scheduling during holidays, like Saint Patrick’s Day, has become much easier. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of AI-powered workforce management software to forecast demand, automate employee scheduling, and deliver a better frontline employee experience.

The Importance of Intelligent Workforce Management Software

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the busiest days for bars, restaurants, and other establishments serving alcohol. According to the National Retail Federation, 55% of Americans celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, with 83% planning to wear green and 40% planning to attend a Saint Patrick’s Day event.

AI-powered demand forecasting enables employers and managers to better predict demand on special days like Saint Patrick’s Day by synthesizing historical data and understanding the impact of local events such as a Saint Patrick’s Day parade or associated road closures. Weather can also have a significant effect on demand. A warm sunny day could see far higher turnout and demand in restaurants and bars than a cold, rainy, or snowy day.

AI-powered demand forecasting can precisely predict demand for items, such as green beer or corned beef, by location in 15-minute increments. Precisely predicting demand enables intelligent workforce management software like Legion to create the optimal labor plan and employee schedules, instantly.

Automated Employee Scheduling Software

Automated employee scheduling software has become a popular solution for managers and business owners who need to schedule and manage their employees’ shifts effectively. It is a tool that helps businesses optimize their workforce and productivity by automating time-consuming tasks.

Using employee scheduling software helps eliminate errors during manual scheduling, such as double-booking, scheduling conflicts, or understaffing. By automating the scheduling process, managers can allocate shifts more efficiently, track employee availability, and schedule breaks accurately to reduce compliance risk. Legion workforce management software enables managers to create schedules instantly that match business needs with hourly employees skills and preferences, 96% of the time.

Maximize Frontline Employee Engagement

In addition, intelligent, automated employee scheduling software can help managers ensure employees are happy and satisfied with their schedules. By allowing employees to have input into their availability and preferred shifts, managers can create fair and balanced schedules for all employees, increasing employee satisfaction and retention. Legion provides easy-to-use self-service tools for employees to claim and swap shifts — even at other locations.


Managing employee schedules during holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day can be challenging, but using intelligent workforce management software, such as Legion WFM, can automate and simplify the process resulting in optimized labor plans, better customer service, improved sales, and a better employee experience.

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