Top 5 Reasons Customers Switch From Legacy Solutions to Legion for Retail Workforce Management

April 6, 2023

by Kristin Brennan

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Retail workforce management software evolved dramatically over the last five years with the emergence of AI-native solutions like Legion WFM. Retailers looking to move off legacy solutions have exciting options that can help them maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously. And in many cases, customers can keep their existing clocks, dramatically reducing switching costs.

There are many reasons why customers select Legion’s intelligent, automated, employee-centric WFM software. This blog will focus on the top five reasons.

#1 Greater demand forecasting accuracy

Forrester Consulting has proven Legion to deliver double-digit accuracy improvement and 5x ROI. We built our platform with mature data science at the core – there’s no “AI-washing”. Legion’s award-winning AI-driven Demand Forecasting automatically predicts demand across all customer touchpoints and locations. It synthesizes thousands of data points, including historical data, ongoing operations, and future weather and local events to create the optimal labor plan without human intervention. It creates a unique auto machine-learning model for each unique driver, like items for sale, transactions, and channels. Legion’s AI-Powered demand forecasting is fully automated and self-learning. It continuously adapts to changing patterns in the data without requiring human intervention. Automated machine learning (ML) selects, tunes models that makes iterative adjustments, and reselects models as needed. And it’s all built on a foundation of mature, productized data science. We automatically train more than 500k models weekly and generate more than 640M forecasts. The models are continuously learning, and the forecasts are continuously improving.

#2 Intelligent, automated employee scheduling

Legion uses advanced optimization techniques to match business needs with employees’ skills and preferences 96% of the time. We’ve helped managers reduce scheduling time by 50%. Employees can be automatically scheduled across locations to optimize labor efficiency. With Legion’s automated scheduling, managers maintain oversight and control of scheduling creation and maintenance while reducing scheduling time by 50%. With the reduction in scheduling time, luxury retailer SMCP was able to increase sales by 22%. Hourly employees get gig-like schedule flexibility and control through powerful self-service tools.

#3 Frontline employee engagement and ease of use

Retailers continue to struggle with the ongoing labor shortage and delivering a better employee experience has become a business imperative. Legion WFM enables retailers to maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously. Before switching to Legion, the Director of Workforce Planning at a national retailer shared, “[With Legion], managers can shift away from what I like to call ‘1980s retail’ and into the modern age.” Employees get an intuitive app that’s easy to use and has a 4.8-star app store rating. Employees get greater schedule flexibility and control and powerful self-service tools to claim shifts, swap shifts, and update their schedule preferences.

#4 Fast Time to Value for Retail Workforce Management

Legion delivers lightning-fast deployments at a fraction of the cost and time of other solutions. Retailers can get up and running in weeks. Legion has an approved integration with Workday HCM and seamlessly integrates with many customers’ existing clocks.

#5 Partnership in WFM

We partner with customers to drive adoption and engagement with managers and employees. You can collaborate with a peer community and help influence future innovations.

In summary, these are just a few of the top reasons customers choose Legion for retail workforce management. Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of our most aggressive pricing ever.