Legion’s CEO Talks About How to Attract and Retain Hourly Employees

August 19, 2021

by Malysa O’Connor

Legion Futurework Playbook Podcast

Our CEO, Sanish Mondkar, appeared on the FutureWork Playbook podcast with Natalie Pierce, Gunderson Dettmer partner and chair of the firm’s labor and employment practice. They discussed how businesses can use AI and machine learning to efficiently schedule employees, control costs, and make employees happier. These topics are particularly timely for many businesses as they focus on attracting and retaining hourly employees this summer.

According to a recent study, Hour by Hour: Attracting and Retaining Hourly Employees and Their Managers, 59% of surveyed employees cited scheduling issues as a top reason they would quit a job, while 39% would leave their current jobs due to poor communication with their employers. As the traditional employer-employee model goes through what many believe to be a long-overdue transformation, employers are left wondering what they need to do to attract and retain their frontline hourly employees. 

During the podcast, Sanish and Natalie discussed various topics, including how Legion’s workforce management platform optimizes labor efficiency while simultaneously offering an enhanced employee experience. In addition, Sanish shared more about the exciting journey Legion is on to make every hourly job a good job. 

Here are just a few of the topics they covered.

  • How the job market and flexibility for employees have changed in recent years and their impact on businesses.
  • How to decrease your hourly employees’ stress by having proper communication tools.  
  • New attractive benefits employers can offer their hourly employees to increase retention.
  • The scheduling and operational issues that exist in labor-intensive businesses and how businesses can overcome them with technology. 
  • How automation and algorithms can be integrated into business operations to provide more efficiency and an improved employee experience. 
  • Three things employers can do to empower their employees and maintain high retention rates. 
  • Why empathy is a characteristic every entrepreneur should cultivate.

Listen to the podcast on your favorite app. If you have any questions about how your business can benefit from using Legion WFM, we’d love to show you.