Legion WFM – Check Out the Spring 2021 Release

June 10, 2021

by Ou-Dan Peng

Legion Wfm Platform Spring 2021 Release

We’re excited to share the latest enhancements to the Legion WFM platform. The Spring 2021 release is now generally available. You can check out our webcast, Workforce Management Innovations, to see some of the latest features and updates in action – presented by me and members of the Legion Products team. 

Legion continues to provide the industry’s most innovative workforce management platform, adding new features and product enhancements – based on industry requirements and direct customer feedback.

Release Themes

The Spring 2021 release focuses on these key themes:

  • Increased Employee Value and Engagement
  • WFM innovation
  • Enhanced Timesheet and Payroll Capabilities
  • Industry-Specific Advanced Scheduling
  • Globalization

New Features

Based on the Spring 2021 release themes, we’ve added many new features. Watch the webcast replay to get an overview of some of these new features and see a live demo:

  • Increased Employee Value and Engagement: Communications
    • Newsfeed –  Helps you unlock the power of digital communications for your hourly workers and keeps employees informed in an engaging and fully compliant way. Newsfeed can augment or replace bulletin boards and build culture by enabling you to share company news, leadership communications, give kudos, and highlight team members’ success. Your organization can share policy and health updates to all field locations or just specific ones. You can measure the reach of content through reporting on posts, views, comments, reactions. And you can leverage content moderation and permission controls, so you’re always in compliance.
  • WFM Innovation
    • Enhanced reporting, extraction, and analytics – Access powerful self-service data exploration capabilities that help you and your teams explore, analyze, and share real-time WFM analytics. There are now multiple ways for you to report and view data tailored to key personas and use cases. 
      • The Upperfield Dashboard – Holds key operational metrics that are automatically rolled up based on the location hierarchy. On the homepage, you can break down schedule, timesheet, and compliance metrics based on the location hierarchy all the way down to the individual location.
      • Raw Data Extracts – Legion WFM enables you to analyze data with your own BI tool. It’s purpose-built for system integration use cases and optimized for fast retrieval at scale, several times per day. 
  • Industry-Specific Advanced Scheduling
    • SmartCopy – Accelerate schedule creation with AI and SmartCopy. It enables managers to eliminate repetitive schedule edits and select copy from a suggested schedule or prior week’s schedule. With the Spring release, SmartCopy is available for location groups where managers can SmartCopy schedules for an entire department. We’ve also improved exception handling. 
    • Schedule Scores – Help managers understand if they’re creating “good” schedules and show areas for improvement. It provides an objective assessment of schedule performance based on customer-defined criteria. Schedule Scores are now also available for location groups. Managers can view the schedule and get just-in-time feedback on schedule edits. District managers can objectively compare and coach managers based on the schedule scores.
  • Enhanced Timesheet and Payroll Capabilities
    • Compliance and timesheet automation – With COVID-19, hazard pay is an important benefit for workers, so we’ve added new features for reporting this type of special pay. We’ve also added new features in Legion Time Clock for work transfer, along with other timesheet enhancements, including employee overtime agreements.
  • Globalization
    • With our commitment to expand into 10+ countries in the European Union (EU) and Asia Pacific (APAC), we’ve added a new data center in Frankfurt, Germany. Legion WFM is fully enhanced to support global formats based on browser locale, and we’ve added language support for French Canadian, Latin Spanish, and Japanese.

Learn More

If you’re an existing customer or new to Legion WFM and want to see these new features in action, watch the webcast replay. We’re here to help if you have any questions, so please contact us.