Legion’s Series C Round: Fueling Innovation and Growth

May 11, 2021

by Sanish Mondkar

Legion Series C 50m Fuel Innovation Growth

This article was originally published by Sanish on LinkedIn.

This past year was filled with unprecedented challenges for all of us. We appreciate the many ways our customers have partnered with us to overcome some of these challenges and drive innovation in workforce management. Together, we have accomplished a lot. We’ve reduced labor inefficiencies, increased productivity, and delivered better experiences to the hourly workforce. We have incorporated safety protocols in employee schedules to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and helped ensure a faster road to recovery. All this while dealing with a big disruption in our personal and work lives due to the pandemic and work from home policies, etc. I am inspired by our customers for their resilience and proud of Team Legion for stepping up and executing amazingly well! This brings us to the funding milestone that we announced today. 

Series C Funding

Earlier today, we announced that we secured a $50M Series C round, just about nine months after our $22M Series B, bringing our total funding to $85.5M. We appreciate the support of our investors, who have recognized our tremendous growth (391% year-over-year) driven by increased demand for our platform and our focus on transforming the workforce management industry.

Our mission of turning hourly jobs into good jobs is even more critical now. With the challenges faced by every industry in 2020, all labor-intensive businesses need automated, intelligent tools to manage labor costs very tightly while increasing employee productivity and engagement. Our customers have already seen significant labor savings, a 50% reduction in scheduling time, and more than 95% employee engagement with Legion WFM. They have experienced faster implementation and rollout timelines than what was considered possible and have gained business agility by incorporating Legion’s AI-powered automation and self-service capabilities. These types of results are even more important than ever in the post-pandemic world. 

Our goal is to deploy this new round of funding to accelerate innovation and continue to deliver and enhance the most effective, easy-to-use, AI-powered workforce management capabilities in the marketplace. While we are proud of the accomplishments so far, there is a lot more that can be done. Many industries rely on the 73.3 million Americans that made up the hourly workforce in 2020. Yet, employers have historically struggled to provide these employees with the same level of flexibility and digital experience given to corporate, salaried employees. These benefits are crucial for employee retention and engagement, and Legion can help!

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We’re grateful to our customers for joining us on our journey to transform workforce management and look forward to meeting many more companies and helping them achieve increased labor efficiency and employee engagement. Contact us to learn how Legion WFM can work for your organization.

PS – We are hiring!