What’s New in Legion’s WFM Platform

December 18, 2020

by Casey Castellanos

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We recently did a webcast, Workforce Management Innovations, to highlight the latest enhancements in Legion’s WFM platform. Our presenters were Kristin Brennan, VP of Marketing, and John Cook, Head of Global Sales Engineering at Legion. 

Legion WFM is a multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS product. We continuously add new features based on our industry research and direct customer feedback.

Release Themes

The summer and winter releases included these key themes:

  • COVID-19 management – a crucial feature for our customers as they manage new health guidelines, labor budget pressure, and keep their employees and customers safe
  • Human and AI collaboration – managers can control areas they know best while taking advantage of Legion AI to automate repetitive tasks
  • Improved manager experience – Legion WFM saves managers time and gets them out from behind their desks, so they can interact with their teams and customers – this is a constant area of focus for Legion
  • Expanded compliance coverage – supports compliance requirements for minors and Good Faith Estimate requirements
  • Enhanced employee engagement – improves communication with employees, managers, and the overall organization

New Features

In the webcast, Kristin presented an overview of the following features, and John did a live demo:

  • COVID-19 management – Machine learning (ML) algorithms in our demand forecasting engine are optimized to automatically adjust to the stages of Gartner’s Post-Pandemic Planning framework. We also introduced an employee survey capability to help operationalize healthy worker protocols.
  • Labor forecasts – Managers can edit forecasts to account for site-specific activities. 
  • AI-enabled schedule updates – Smart Copy enables managers to eliminate repetitive schedule edits and selectively copy schedule information from a previous week’s schedule for specific roles. Managers can also now schedule hundreds of employees across departments with a single click and make schedule updates on the go with the mobile app.
  • Customizable dashboard – Store managers now see a rich dashboard with actionable widgets highlighting the key status and metrics for the store. 
  • Expanded compliance management – Managers can schedule minors without concerns about compliance violations. And organizations can easily provide new employees with Good Faith Estimates, which are required by predictable scheduling laws.
  • Employee engagement – The Newsfeed feature, currently in early access, makes it easy for teams to communicate and share updates, give kudos, and celebrate accomplishments. Managers can easily stay on top of schedule and team updates, plus quickly review and approve employee requests in the new Activity Feed on the web console. 

If you’re an existing customer or new to Legion WFM and want to see an overview of these new features, watch the full webcast, Workforce Management Innovations, and listen to the Q&A session. Here are some of the questions that we covered:

  • Can I control if I want my organization’s managers to adjust the demand forecast?
  • If I’m sharing employees across departments with the new parent-child model, can I still share employees across locations?
  • When will I be able to try newsfeed?
  • Will payroll projection show up if I look at past periods?

We’d love to show you how Legion WFM can save your managers 50% on scheduling time. Request a demo, and we’ll get in touch.