Upgrade to AI-Powered WFM and Leave Your Legacy Software Behind

December 1, 2020

by Kristin Brennan

Legion Upgrade To Ai Powered Wfm Leave Legacy Software Behind

In our recent webcast, Upgrade to AI-Powered WFM and Leave Your Legacy Software Behind, we discussed how easily you can switch to an AI-powered, cloud-native workforce management platform. Many companies continue to settle for their legacy workforce management system even though it’s hard to use, upgrade, and doesn’t predict scheduling needs accurately or effectively. Plus, it can lead to attrition as hourly employees become dissatisfied because they want to manage their schedules in real-time on their mobile phones.  

Legion WFM Platform Benefits

Legion WFM delivers a better way, and our happy customers have realized these benefits:

  • 50% lower TCO
  • 98% accurate data forecasts – enabled by mature data science
  • 95% employee engagement
  • Optimized workforce scheduling

#1 Platform for Scheduling

Legion WFM is rated #1 for scheduling. It enables teams to create AI-optimized schedules with a single click. Employee preferences and skills are automatically matched with the optimized labor forecast, compliance requirements, and custom staffing policies to create fully-compliant, perfect-match schedules.

“In my last role, I used a legacy WFM solution. It was clunky and didn’t predict scheduling needs effectively. Legion helped me scale and enabled us to transform scheduling from an art to a science.”

– Senior Manager, Global Retail Operations

Switching Is Easy

Making the switch has never been easier. Legion WFM is rated #1 for easy implementation – and with its cloud-native design, there’s no software or hardware to install. Implementation and training are fully remote to reduce costs and ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

WFM Process Re-Engineering Workshop

We’re offering a free WFM Process Re-Engineering Workshop. When you sign up, you’ll get a high-level blueprint of how modern WFM will fit into your environment and a business value assessment to quantify the savings. And, you’ll learn how we can help you improve labor efficiency while simultaneously increasing employee engagement.

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