Augment your legacy WFM or replace it completely with Legion WFM

Why switch to Legion WFM now? We’re offering a free WFM Process Re-Engineering Workshop. You’ll get a high-level blueprint of how modern WFM will fit into your environment and a business value assessment to quantify the savings. You’ll learn how we can help you improve labor efficiency while simultaneously increasing employee engagement.


Lower TCO


Labor Forecasts




Cloud Native

And that’s just the beginning. Watch our on-demand webcast to learn more.

Join happy customers who replaced legacy software with Legion WFM

“In my last role, I used a legacy WFM solution. It was clunky and didn’t predict scheduling needs effectively. Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management Platform has helped me scale my organization and enabled us to transform scheduling from an art to a science.”

– Senior Manager, Global Retail Operations

5 more reasons you should switch to Legion WFM

#1 in workforce scheduling

Create AI-optimized schedules in a single click. Employee preferences and skills are automatically matched with the optimized labor forecast, compliance requirements, and custom staffing policies to create fully-compliant, perfect-match schedules.

Easy to use

Don’t stick with clunky legacy software that was designed for a past era. Take advantage of Legion WFM’s ease-of-use and intuitive design. More than 95% of employees choose to use Legion’s optional mobile app which helps increase employee engagement by improving communication and giving employees more control over their schedules.

Switching is easy – go live in weeks

Legion is the #1 platform for ease of implementation. We can help you get up and running in weeks. And with our cloud-native architecture, implementation and training is all fully remote ensuring COVID-19 safety procedures. There’s no hardware or software to install on premises.

#1 WFM platform for enhancing performance

Legion’s AI-optimized WFM platform can dramatically improve the performance of your operations. Customers report up to 14% increase in labor efficiency. You save time and money with intelligent demand forecasting at 30-minute increments, an optimized labor plan, and automated schedule which is fully compliant. And with it’s cloud-native design, you get immediate access to innovation without upgrades which makes your IT team more productive too.

#1 in shift management

Increase employee satisfaction by enabling them to indicate schedule preferences such as when, where, and what kind of work they want to perform, all within set parameters. Leverage AI to optimally match schedule preferences with your staffing needs. Enable easy shift-swapping without the risk of compliance violations. With an easy-to-use mobile app, employees can quickly save scheduling preferences, view upcoming shifts, initiate swaps, claim open shifts, and request time off.

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