Provide exemplary guest experiences while managing expenses

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Always staff the right employees for the job

A fine eye for detail in hospitality often dictates success. Likewise, Legion labor demand forecasts leave nothing to chance. You get highly specific forecasts for each location, combined with a self-service employee app that helps reduce churn so you provide the right staff at the right time, always.

What Legion can do for Hospitality

Here are some of the ways Legion can help you provide exceptional guest experiences

See peaks and lulls

Trade show coming? Cold weather on the horizon? Running a promotion? Legion demand forecasts deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy and factor in your unique drivers to predict peak and lull periods so you are never overstaffed or understaffed.

Categorize employees for best fit

Legion lets you assign badges (or custom tags) to indicate relevant skills, performance or other attributes about each employee—like key holders or trainers—for easy employee categorization and scheduling to ensure your guests are always satisfied.

Empower your work force

One of the most crucial elements of employee engagement is the ability to control schedules. Legion’s mobile app lets employees indicate scheduling preferences, initiate swaps, request time off, see predicted play plus much more, to foster engagement while saving you valuable administrative time.

Coach better

Legion uses a role-based approach for user access, serving the right information for users to derive instant insights and coax superior performances. District Managers see budget guidance, timesheet approval metrics and compliance violation reporting. Store managers can use a mobile application for approvals, to receive schedules, maintain work preferences, execute swaps/covers and more.

Manage timesheets, pay employees on time

Legion auto-populates time sheets with schedule information and tracks out-of-compliance attendance like overtime, meal premiums, clopenings and more. Seamless integration with payroll providers ensures your employees are paid on time while early, late and unscheduled clock-ins restrictions help you manage labor expenses.

Let employees work across multiple locations

With Legion’s employee engagement app, workers specify where they are willing to work so you can fill coverage gaps easily and employees get variety in their work lives. Access is easily turned on and off to accommodate seasonal and on-demand workers too. And, if employees want to swap shifts they can do so easily and in a compliant manner.