Food Services

Remove administrative burdens to focus on food, drinks, and guests

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Gain valuable time

What sets you apart from others is the ability to provide excellent food and drinks coupled with quick, efficient service. Legion automation removes time-zapping activities from your workforce management equation so you can focus on what’s important.

What Legion can do for Food & Coffee

Here are some of the ways Legion removes workforce administration burdens

Weather input

Whether you have multiple locations in a city or are spread across the U.S., Legion labor forecasts consider historic weather patterns so you are adequately staffed for sunny days, snow days and everything in between.

Special events

Street fair? Protest rally? Events and their traffic have a huge impact on your restaurant’s traffic. Legion’s 98 percent accurate forecasts integrate thousands of data points, including an event feed that enables by-location labor forecasts in 30-minute increments.

Reduce churn rates

Keeping employees is a big challenge. What makes them stay and feel engaged? Meeting flexible scheduling is one way. Employees using Legion report greater satisfaction with schedules and love the flexibility of initiating swaps and time off requests on a mobile app.

District and location specific access

Legion has different views for location managers and employees, with the right amount of data and actions in each view to minimize navigation and maximize efficiency. District managers can drill down into stores, compliance violations, manager productivity and more while employees can see schedules, initiate time off requests and more.

Traffic or sales-driven forecasts

Restaurant managers and GMs can see today’s sales forecast, approve employee time off and swap requests and more from their mobile device without being tied to a computer so they can mingle with guests, coach the team or do other strategic activities versus manual forecasting and scheduling.

Manage on the go

Legion’s easy-to-use mobile app puts employees in charge of where they want to work so you can shift staff to different locations during projected peak or low periods while avoiding costly overtime pay. Employees can also take voluntary shifts via Open Shift features that are offered and accepted intuitively via the app