Demand Forecasting

Continuously improves and adapts to your business

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to precisely predict demand across all customer touchpoints, in 15-minute, 30-minute, or daily increments.

  • Get advanced forecasting technology—productized and automated
  • Factor in your unique labor model and staffing policies
  • Forecast business demand in dollars, transactions, foot traffic, or other variants
Legion Wfm Demand Forecasting


Improve business agility, accuracy, and labor efficiency—automatically.

Higher precision for better results: automated ingestion and analysis of 1000s of data points

Automatically customized advanced machine learning algorithms that continually improve and learn from your data

Accurate forecasts at several levels—channel, location, or SKU—in 15-minute, 30-minute, or daily increments

Legion by the Numbers

Demand Forecasting


Data sets in production


Data points input


Data points output


Machine-learning models trained


Weekly forecasts generated

With Legion Demand Forecasting, you can improve business agility, accuracy, and labor efficiency—automatically. Watch this video to learn more about how Legion WFM powered by intelligent automation, can help you get more accurate forecasts across channels, locations, or SKUs in 15-minute, 30-minute, or daily increments.

Granular, accurate, automated forecasts

Granular, accurate, forecasts that continuously improve.

Legion WFM synthesizes historical and current information about how customers buy—understanding and incorporating the impact of demand drivers and future events such as weather or holidays.

Legion understands and incorporates the impact of demand drivers and future events, eliminating the need to run complex calculations, pay high data fees, or use manual processes.

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Legion Demand Forecasting Today Dash

Operate with greater agility

Automatically adapt to business changes.

Demand Forecasting continuously improves as new data is available. Updated forecasts and labor guidance are instantly generated while allowing human intervention.

Adapt and react quickly to business changes by continuously re-forecasting and regenerating labor guidance automatically.

Optimized labor planning

Generate optimal labor plans automatically.

With Legion WFM auto-generated, highly accurate demand forecasts, you get optimal labor plans, budgets, and schedules across all touchpoints, freeing managers to spend more time with employees and customers—resulting in happier employees and increased revenue.

Eliminate mapping between labor models used by finance for forecasting and operations for scheduling. With no manual steps or “lost in translation” data issues, Legion creates an optimized labor plan for your business.

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The Benefits to Your Bottom Line

Harnessing the demand forecasting features of Legion WFM results in significant, quantified benefits for Legion customers.

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Increased accuracy

Forrester Research found that Legion delivers a significant improvement in forecast accuracy, and each 1% improvement in demand forecast accuracy can lead to a .5% reduction in labor costs.

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Faster decision-making

Retail demand forecasting provides real-time insights into demand trends, enabling businesses to make faster decisions and instantly create optimized schedules.

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Increased revenue

McKinsey research shows that a 10-20% improvement in labor forecast accuracy could translate into a 5% reduction in inventory costs and yield a 2-3% increase in revenue.

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Increase labor efficiency

By using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze demand data, businesses can optimize their labor efficiency and avoid the financial impact of overstaffing and understaffing.

FAQs About Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting can be complicated. Here are a few commonly asked questions we receive.

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Why Legion?

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to precisely predict demand across all customer touchpoints. With highly specific forecast models tailored to each dataset, and incorporation of external data, you get much higher accuracy levels than other methods – and it’s all automated.

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Legion’s forecast model considered out-of-the-box things other products didn't, such as local events we didn’t even know were happening.

Executive Director of Information Systems, Retail

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