Legion Generative AI FAQ

What capabilities does Legion Generative AI provide?

Legion Generative AI provides personalized, knowledgeable, and actionable AI assistants designed to assist, guide, and facilitate various tasks across WFM and communications. Location Managers can streamline scheduling processes with insightful schedule summaries, quickly access schedule data, and request edits using simple, natural language inputs. Additionally, Managers and HR can effortlessly create engaging news posts with the help of AI-assisted writing.

Legion Generative AI features are in Beta and are continually evolving. As the technology matures, unexpected results and errors are possible. We strongly recommend that you review and verify the outputs. Your feedback is invaluable. Please use the thumbs-up and thumbs-down ratings to help us improve the quality of the responses.

What level of access does the Legion Generative AI have to our application data and actions?

Legion Generative AI is restricted to accessing the Legion application using the user’s security credentials. This ensures that AI Assistants are limited to answering questions and performing actions that align with the user’s access permissions.

How is my data being used?

The Legion Generative AI service uses multiple models, including foundation models like OpenAI GPT and Legion’s fine-tuned models built on technology from third party providers. Data submitted through Legion's Generative AI service is used solely for processing your requests; it is not used for any other purposes, including AI model training. If you do not want to send personal data to third-party models, please do not include personal data in the application's input box.

We do not allow customer data to be used for training third-party AI foundation models. Customer data is used to improve the automation for that customer only. Customer data is processed and stored separately, ensuring no co-mingling or unauthorized sharing between customers or third parties.

Is Legion Generative AI available on mobile devices?

Yes, the AI schedule assistant and communication assistant are available on web and mobile devices.

What languages are supported?

Legion Generative AI supports the languages available in the Legion Application. It adjusts its responses according to your existing language preferences.

  • On desktop, it follows the language setting in your web browser.
  • On mobile devices, it follows the language preference you have set in the Legion mobile app Settings page.

How can I provide feedback?

You can provide feedback on each Schedule Assistant response by using the thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating options. Additionally, you have the option to include an explanatory comment. We greatly appreciate your input, as it helps us improve the quality of our responses.

Use of the Legion “Generative AI Service” is subject to Legion’s “Terms of Service” including the “Generative AI Terms” (together, the “Terms”), unless you or your organization have executed a separate agreement governing you and/or your organization’s use of the Service in writing and in such case such other agreement applies (“Customer Agreement”). Legion will process your input and output (as defined in the Terms) and personal information (together, “Your Data”), all in accordance with the Terms and/or Customer Agreement and Legion’s Privacy Policy.