Amidst Economic Uncertainty, Legion Offers Free 60-Day Trial of its Demand Forecasting Solution

November 10, 2022

Legion Demand Forecasting is proven to deliver 5x ROI and 10% greater accuracy

PALO ALTO, Calif. – November 10, 2022 – Legion Technologies, an innovator in workforce management (WFM), today announced a free 60-day pilot for its Demand Forecasting solution to help organizations maximize labor efficiency and precisely predict demand in 15-minute increments by location and across all customer touchpoints. The free pilot includes up to 50 locations and up to 10 demand drivers, such as items for sale, transactions, and location traffic, and it works seamlessly with a company’s existing workforce management solution.

In uncertain economic times, optimizing labor budgets is critical. According to Legion’s recent 2022 Seasonal Hourly Workforce Report, 87% of managers reported they’re as stressed or more stressed about the upcoming holiday season than they were last year. Two of the top three reasons are economic uncertainty and fewer people spending money/lower customer traffic. One in three managers said the top thing their employers could do to help was to give them an automated demand forecasting tool.

“Legacy WFM solutions and manual spreadsheet-based approaches to demand forecasting can’t handle the complexity and volatility of today’s environment. They can’t factor in weather and local events, which can have a major impact on demand. In the current economic climate, precisely predicting demand is critical to optimizing labor costs,” said Sanish Mondkar, CEO and founder of Legion Technologies. “To accurately predict demand, businesses must automatically incorporate location-specific operational data along with weather and local events. According to our benchmark data, every 1% improvement in forecast accuracy can lead to a .5% reduction in labor costs, 4% higher sales conversions and a 5% increase in customer satisfaction.”

To help businesses improve business agility, accuracy, and labor efficiency, Legion’s Demand Forecasting engine:

  • Provides granular, location-specific forecasts: The solution precisely predicts demand across all customer touchpoints and locations every 15 minutes, enabling intelligent automation.
  • Incorporates hundreds of thousands of data points: This data includes operational and external data, such as weather and local events, that impact demand.
  • Self-learning for continuous improvement: Legion Demand Forecasting continuously improves as new data is available. Updated forecasts and labor guidance are instantly generated while allowing human intervention.
  • Seamlessly integrates with leading WFM solutions: There’s no rip and replace and no need for change management. The solution can also be used as a standalone module.

For more information about the free 60-day trial of Legion’s Demand Forecasting, click here.


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