Legion Workforce Management Platform Powers $13.35 Million In Benefits And 1,345% ROI For Organizations Employing Hourly Workers

The study highlighted that Legion’s modern cloud-based and AI-driven platform optimizes workforce management and empowers employees, simultaneously maximizing scheduling efficiency and increasing employee engagement at scale.

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A Staggering 75% of Unemployed Parents Are Struggling To Find the Right Job Opportunities

According to the survey, approximately 25% of parents left the workforce because they wanted to be a stay-at-home parent, while another 25% were forced due to the pandemic. An overwhelming 62% of those surveyed said their career goals have changed after spending time away from the workforce.

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Top 6 Reasons People are Quitting Their Jobs (and How to Keep Them)

A recent study by Legion, a workforce management platform, reveals that 59% of employees cited scheduling issues for the primary reason they would quit their jobs.

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Pay Isn’t the Only Reason Employees Quit. Start Offering Them What They Really Value

There’s no debate to be had that compensation is a driving factor behind work, but for hourly workers, specifically, there’s much more at stake. Therefore, when companies focus solely on wages to drive employee satisfaction, they miss myriad opportunities to deliver what their employees really value, and what will help keep them happy and motivated within the workplace.

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3 high-value benefits to attract and retain an hourly workforce

As employers continue to grapple with the highly competitive hiring market, they need to rethink what benefits their employees value most.

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The Top 10 Reasons People Say They Won’t Return To Work

According to a recent survey from Legion, an AI-powered workforce management solution, 59% of employees would quit a job due to scheduling issues, highlighting the need for flexibility in and around the workplace.

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Earned wage access can boost workers’ financial security — and company loyalty

“Access to cash is very important, and some of the archaic payroll processes such as bi-weekly pay can lead to reliance on payday loans, which are just not in the interest of the employees,” says Sanish Mondkar, founder and CEO of Legion


Sanish Mondkar Builds Legion Workforce Management Software To Turn Hourly Jobs Into Good Jobs.

The fast-growing, Redwood City, California-based Legion Technologies features an AI-powered workforce management platform that optimizes labor efficiency and employee engagement.

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How to Attract and Retain an Hourly Workforce of 80 Million People with Legion CEO Sanish Mondkar

On this episode, we’re talking about how to use AI and machine learning to be more efficient in scheduling employees, control costs, and make employees happier!