Why Workforce Management Faces a Daunting Post-COVID World

Before the pandemic, workforce and human capital management software and services were mainly used to track employee attendance and work. But with a more hybrid and gig-centric workforce, those tools are now in need of major upgrades.

Supply Chain Disruption Isn’t Going Away. But AI Can Help.

The past two years have brought about significant disruptions to global supply chains. Moving forward, the hope is that some of these disruptions will ease as businesses work to make their supply chains more resilient, e.g., by diversifying their manufacturing networks, multi-sourcing their suppliers, or creating inventory buffers.

Raising the Bar on the Employee Experience

As the pandemic continues to be a part of our lives and has shifted the way we view work, frontline employees now view schedule ownership and flexibility as highly desirable requirements in 2021 especially since pay alone is no longer considered to be enough in retaining workers.

“Deskless” workers are finally getting their day in the sun

The pandemic has driven the transformation of non-office employees to essential workers that software companies are targeting with new tools.

Retail CIO Radar 2022: Workforce Management

Legion is redefining how companies manage and empower their hourly workforces with their AI-powered workforce management platform.

Gig economy faces uncertain impact from new tax reporting standards

Threshold for workers to report taxes will drop significantly

2022 employee benefits & workplace predictions: Looking ahead to the future of work

From the growing influence of Gen Z to the ongoing impact of social change movements, a profound shift is underway.

2022 employee benefits and workplace predictions: Tech touchpoints explode

Even the most tech-savvy among us will have some work to do to stay abreast of new developments in 2022.

How Retailers Can Scale their Workforces for the Holidays and Beyond

Every year, companies large and small, spanning the entire retail supply chain, compete for workers to help them deliver against peak demand that comes with the holiday season. However, this year, retailers are struggling to hire enough people to meet even non-peak business needs.