Advantages of Automated Workforce Management Software vs. Spreadsheets

February 15, 2024

by Malysa O’Connor

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Spreadsheets have been loyal companions in workforce management for years now; and although they’re reliable, they are also limited.

Today’s fast-paced business world needs more than just ‘reliable’. It needs real-time metrics, better insights, and smarter decisions.

Discover why companies are trading in spreadsheets for cutting-edge, AI-driven tools like Legion Workforce Management (WFM), simplifying and enhancing WFM for everyone.

Workforce Management Software vs. Spreadsheets: Key Points

  • Ease: Spreadsheet formulas can be complicated; Legion’s interface is intuitive—no coding needed.
  • Error Reduction: Manual entry leads to mistakes, but Legion’s system reduces this risk by automating processes wherever possible.
  • Data Analysis: Spreadsheets don’t offer insights through visualizations. Data visualization plays an important role in workforce management, and this capability is built into WFM software.
  • Optimization: Spreadsheets make it virtually impossible to match business needs with employee skills and preferences to create the optimal schedule.
  • Employee Experience: Managing schedules with spreadsheets makes it difficult for employees to update their schedule preferences and availability. It becomes a huge burden for managers to keep up with the requests.

The Need for Workforce Management Software in Modern Businesses

Workforce management software like Legion’s uses AI to simplify staffing. It helps you accurately predict staffing needs, monitor hours in real time, comply with labor laws, and instantly create optimized schedules that match business needs with employee skills and preferences.

On the other hand, spreadsheets are manual tools for organizing data. You can use spreadsheets to track employees’ work hours or calculate wages. However, it’s time-consuming and prone to errors when used for complex tasks like workforce management.

The lack of automation in spreadsheets is a major limitation compared to an AI-powered software solution. You’ll need lots of time and effort to forecast future demand using past trends from spreadsheet data. It’s not impossible, but it’s also not efficient. Spreadsheets also make it extremely difficult to create optimized schedules that match labor needs, company-specific staffing rules, and compliance rules and match those with employee skills and work preferences.

Today’s fast-paced business world demands effective workforce management. Every minute counts, and wasted time translates into lost opportunities. The right approach can make a huge difference to your bottom line, boosting productivity while reducing unnecessary labor costs.

In addition, today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before. Managing staff across different locations, shifts, roles, and time zones can be complex. It gets even more complicated when considering factors like remote work or flexible hours.

Legion Workforce Management Software

You need powerful tools to solve such challenges—not just traditional spreadsheets that require manual input and struggle with real-time data analysis.

This is where AI-powered software solutions like Legion WFM come into play. With features such as automated scheduling, compliant time and attendance, and demand forecasting driven by machine learning algorithms, it helps managers stay ahead of the game.

Legion’s AI-powered solutions are here to provide you with more precise, up-to-date information so you can make smarter decisions.

Automated Scheduling: The Smart Way Forward

Gone are the days when managers spent hours each week creating and maintaining schedules for each location. Legion WFM’s Automated Scheduling makes these tasks a breeze, reducing time spent on scheduling and ensuring fair work distribution among employees.

Labor Optimization: Achieve More With Less Effort

Inefficient labor management can cost businesses a lot of money in wasted resources and lost opportunities. Labor Optimization helps streamline processes using historical data, resulting in significant savings.

Demand Forecasting: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Navigating through market volatility is easier when you have predictive insights. Our Demand Forecasting tool uses AI-driven analytics to accurately predict future labor needs based on past trends and current conditions.

It’s clear why companies need to switch from spreadsheets to specialized software for effective workforce management.

Making the Switch from Spreadsheets to Workforce Management Software

Once you’ve decided to switch from spreadsheets to a more advanced tool like Legion WFM, the process can seem daunting. It’s worth the effort when you witness the impact of transitioning to a more sophisticated tool like Legion WFM software.

First, identify what functions your spreadsheet currently performs. Are you tracking hours worked? Scheduling shifts? Next, look at how AI-driven software could automate key components of these jobs or streamline processes.

You don’t need to make this move all at once; take small steps instead of trying to overhaul everything overnight. Begin by integrating one aspect of workforce management into Legion’s software and gradually add more as you become comfortable using the platform.

AI-Driven Software is the Path to Better Workforce Management

In the fast-paced, complex world of retail, relying on spreadsheets for workforce management is no longer a sustainable option. The inefficiencies and errors in manual spreadsheet use can lead to higher labor costs, poor customer service, and poor operational efficiency.

Intelligent workforce management software like Legion WFM brings precision, automation, and scalability into play.

The benefits are plenty:

  • Maximize labor efficiency through automated demand forecasts and optimized schedules that align to ensure the right employees are at the right place at the right time to match demand, resulting in better customer service
  • Enhanced operational efficiency from balanced workloads
  • Automated schedules that instantly match business needs with employee skills and preferences

With the advanced data analytics of software like Legion WFM, you’re empowered with insights for more strategic decision-making, rather than relying on educated guesses.

As C-suite leaders or HR professionals responsible for hundreds of employees across multiple locations, it’s imperative to use technology solutions designed for complexity.

It’s time to say goodbye to spreadsheets. Embrace modern workforce management software like Legion WFM that meet today’s retail challenges head-on.

To learn more, contact us today for a demo of Legion WFM.