Turning Hourly Jobs Into Good Jobs—Abdulalim A’Omer’s Story

February 2, 2024

by Kristin Brennan

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At Legion, our vision is to turn hourly jobs into good jobs. By this, we mean finding ways to make work more fulfilling and humane for everyone—and especially for the hourly, frontline workers who make up the backbone of our economy.

But for many Legionaries, this concept is more than a corporate mission. It’s a purpose that connects us to each other and the work we do. It drives how we behave, the decisions we make, and, at the end of the day, the stories we tell.

This is Abdul’s Story

Abdulalim A’Omer grew up in the Bay Area, the epicenter of the modern gig economy. So, no surprise as soon as he got a driver’s license, he started doing gig work for companies like Uber and DoorDash.

Unlike the ‘traditional’ part-time jobs that high school students have relied on in the past (e.g., working in a store or restaurant), gig work offers something different, something better—flexibility. Gig workers are able to choose when and where they work, as well as being able to be paid immediately.

“One of my first part-time jobs was at a large event venue, selling concessions. My work schedule was driven by the events calendar and unfortunately, it didn’t always ‘work’ with my school schedule. But when I started doing gig work, I was able to work on my own time and at my own pace. Plus, I had instant access to my earnings as soon as I signed off at the end of a shift.”

Fast forward to today, and Abdul is now an Account Executive at Legion. One of the biggest pain points he hears about from employers is labor management and the ongoing impact of the labor shortage. While he understands their frustration, he also knows that the companies successfully overcoming these challenges are the ones that are changing how they manage and engage with their hourly workforce.

“Employee preferences have changed. Nobody wants to work a ‘typical’ job. With gig work, people have more flexibility—and more control—of their schedule as well as how they get paid. It’s why I switched to gig work when I was a student. So, companies need to start providing these benefits if they want to find (and keep!) employees.”

Turning Hourly Jobs Into Good Jobs

Legion Workforce Management delivers intelligent automation that helps businesses with hourly workforces improve decision-making, accelerate execution, and continuously improve. It enables them to maintain labor efficiency and productivity while their employees get gig-like schedule flexibility and control, modern communication tools, and greater pay autonomy—all delivered through a modern platform with an easy-to-use mobile app that employees love.

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