Legion Integrates Apple and Google SSO Options for WFM Platform

January 9, 2024

by Björn Wiberg

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Legion is proud to announce the integration of Apple and Google Single Sign-On (SSO) options into our award-winning workforce management application. This significant update aligns with our commitment to providing a user-friendly experience for our customers. We believe seamless access to applications is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity.

A significant advantage of implementing Google and Apple SSO social logins in WFM software lies in the sheer number of users with existing accounts on these platforms. Google’s services have over a billion users globally, and Apple, with its hundreds of millions of iCloud users, also commands a substantial market share. This widespread adoption means that a large percentage of potential WFM software users already have the necessary accounts to use these login options.

Simplified Onboarding

Social login, particularly through platforms like Apple and Google SSO, revolutionizes the onboarding experience for team members using the Legion WFM app for the first time. When new team members join an organization, they often face a steep learning curve, with numerous systems and processes to acquaint themselves with. Social login integration significantly alleviates this challenge by streamlining one of the very first steps they encountered accessing the Legion app. Instead of navigating the often cumbersome process of creating new login credentials, social login allows them to use their existing Apple or Google accounts. This familiarity breeds comfort and efficiency, reducing the cognitive load on new team members already adapting to various other aspects of their new roles. Additionally, it mitigates common issues associated with traditional login methods, such as forgotten passwords and the need for resets, which can be a source of frustration and delay. By simplifying access to the Legion app, Social Login accelerates the onboarding process and helps create a positive initial experience for new team members.

Simplified Access with Single Sign-On

With the introduction of Apple and Google SSO options, team members can access the platform with a single click. This integration significantly streamlines the login process, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords. This is particularly beneficial for teams who need quick and efficient access to manage their responsibilities. The simplified login process also reduces password fatigue, a common issue in today’s work environment. This integration with renowned brands also adds a layer of familiarity and trust.

Optimized Rehire

Social login in the Legion app presents a distinct advantage for team members rehired into their roles. One of the challenges faced by returning team members is regaining access to essential tools and systems, which often require managerial intervention and can lead to unnecessary delays. However, with social login, this process becomes seamless and self-sufficient. Returning team members can swiftly regain access to the Legion app using their existing Apple or Google accounts, bypassing the need for manager assistance or IT support to reset or reissue login credentials. This autonomy is especially beneficial in fast-paced work environments, where time and efficiency are of the essence. It ensures that rehired team members can quickly reintegrate into their roles and immediately resume productivity without the typical administrative hurdles. This feature enhances the user experience for returning staff and reduces the managerial and IT workload, streamlining operations and fostering a more agile and responsive workforce.

Operational Efficiency for Managers

Adopting social login significantly optimizes managers’ time, a crucial aspect of effective workforce management. Traditionally, a considerable portion of a manager’s time could be consumed by addressing and debugging login issues for team members, detracting from more strategic tasks. With the adoption of social login, such issues are markedly reduced, if not eliminated. This shift liberates managers from the often tedious and time-consuming process of troubleshooting login problems, enabling them to dedicate more time to core responsibilities like team development, performance monitoring, and strategic planning. Additionally, the reduced focus on login issues simplifies the training process for managers at the corporate level. Training can now concentrate more on leveraging the Legion app’s features for operational efficiency and less on handling common access problems. This optimization of managers’ time through simplifying technical issues translates into a more focused, efficient, and productive managerial workforce, ultimately benefiting the organization as a whole.


In summary, by integrating Apple and Google Social Login, team members can now enjoy a one-click login process. This feature eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords, streamlining the sign-in process and reducing the risk of login issues. To learn more, contact us today for a demo of Legion WFM.