Compliance Watch Q4 2023

November 2, 2023

by Justin Siu

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We just sent out the latest edition of Compliance Watch—Legion’s quarterly bulletin about key changes in compliance rules. It includes information and resource links to help you monitor new employment laws and make managing and maintaining compliance easier.

This edition covers recent and planned updates to minimum wage, Fair Workweek Laws, Employee Leave, and more.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage adjustments typically take effect in January, March, July, and December. See which states and major cities have upcoming minimum wage changes. Download the Compliance Watch for the complete list here.

How Can Legion Help with Minimum Wage Changes

Legion WFM allows employers to load a minimum wage for cities and states. Legion WFM uses that wage to help managers comply with local laws by only giving employees shift offers for locations where their pay rate is greater than the minimum wage. Additionally, when managers manually add shifts for employees at other locations, Legion WFM automatically flags shifts when there may be a pay-rate violation based on the minimum wage.

Fair Workweek Law Updates

In January 2024, Evanston, Illinois, and Berkeley, California Fair Workweek Laws go into effect.

Read more to learn how Legion WFM provides comprehensive coverage of predictive scheduling compliance per city and state-specific laws.

How Legion Can Help with Fair Workweek Changes

Legion WFM makes it easy to track fair workweek schedule changes. It also allows you to load minimum wage rates for cities and states so you can make sure you complying with local laws, all within our highly-rated app. Legion’s Time-Off Management module gives you complete control over how time off is earned and allocated within your organization.

Employee Leave Law Updates

In January 2024, some states will require employers to make changes to their employee leave.

Read more to learn how, with Legion Time-Off Management, managers can assess and manage employees’ time-off requests to ensure your organization stays agile and responsive to the demands of your workforce while maintaining operational efficiency.

How Can Legion Help With Employee Leave Law Updates?

With Legion’s Time-Off Management module, employers can effortlessly customize accrual distribution methods and quantities in Legion WFM Control Center, gaining complete control over time-off earnings and allocations within their organization. The flexible accrual rules are configured at the employee group level, allowing tailored time-off policies to meet workforce needs.

Clients can also specify which pay types contribute to accrual totals, seamlessly aligning with payroll processes. Employees can access accrual balances, request time off, and track requests through the mobile app or web console, enhancing transparency and efficiency. For managers, the module offers a powerful tool to assess and manage employee time-off requests, ensuring agility and operational efficiency based on staffing needs.

Read all the details and get resource links to help you manage compliance. Download now.