Generative AI: A Perfect Fit for Workforce Management

October 19, 2023

by Sanish Mondkar

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As the CEO and founder of Legion, an innovator in Workforce Management, I’m excited to dive deep into a topic close to our heart: the role of Generative AI in modernizing workforce management (WFM). Legion has a long history of betting on AI since our founding days. Legion’s DNA is grounded in one simple, yet impactful mantra: Intelligent automation of WFM to foster labor efficiency and employee satisfaction concurrently. Let’s explore how Generative AI perfectly complements this mission.

Generative AI in Legion Workforce Management

At its core, Generative AI is a technology that can generate data resembling data it has been trained on. It can create entirely new patterns and responses and even predict behaviors based on the input it receives. This kind of intelligence is a game-changer for workforce management, a domain where adaptability and responsiveness are key.

Legion WFM, with our focus on intelligent automation, is tailor-made for this integration. Our goal? To ensure labor efficiency without compromising on employee value. After all, a satisfied and engaged workforce is the foundation of any successful business.

One significant challenge in WFM is catering to deskless workers. These employees often face high turnover rates and may not have the opportunity or desire to undergo intensive software training. Enter Generative AI. Imagine a world where all workforce management functions are accessible through a simple conversation. No menus, no complicated interfaces—just natural dialogue that understands and executes requests. This is revolutionary for the large swath of workers who prefer immediacy and simplicity.

Being at the forefront of this integration, we, at Legion, conceptualized and brought to life Legion Copilot. But let’s be clear—this isn’t just about automating responses, it’s about redefining interaction. Legion Copilot is more than just a digital assistant; it’s a virtual companion designed to assist, guide, and facilitate.

Regardless of their location or task, managers and employees can now engage with Legion Copilot to gain insights into labor regulations, internal company policies, and even bespoke training content. But the Copilot’s prowess continues beyond mere information dissemination. The real game-changer is how the Copilot empowers users to initiate actions, drive workflows, and orchestrate a multitude of tasks without ever needing to anchor to traditional software dashboards. It’s agility, efficiency, and innovation, all rolled into one.

Some capabilities that we are rolling out in Legion Copilot over the next few months:

  1. Knowledge-Based Self-Service: Leverage the Legion and customer knowledge base to enable self-service for employees and managers. Legion Copilot will provide step-by-step guides for using the Legion app and tailored answers based on your organization’s employee handbook, labor standards, and training content.
  2. Labor and Hour Compliance Q&A: Stay compliant and in the know with Legion Copilot, which sources information from trusted labor .gov websites to answer queries on general labor and compliance.
  3. Intuitive WFM Data Access via Conversational Interface: Utilize a user-friendly conversational interface to access workforce management data. For example, you can simply ask, “What should I know about the schedule?” to get relevant, real-time insights—all while maintaining user access permissions.
  4. Actionable WFM Conversational Interface: Execute workforce management tasks effortlessly through voice or text commands. Just ask Copilot to add shifts, change assignments, or delete shifts. Rest assured that all data and actions are built on a robust reference architecture for enterprise applications, ensuring scalability and compliance in deploying generative AI within a human resources context.

Challenges in bringing Generative AI to Workforce Management

Innovation is rarely without challenges. As we venture deeper into the integration of Generative AI, several concerns arise:

  • Data Protection and Privacy: AI thrives on data. However, ensuring enterprise data protection and individual user privacy is paramount. We are investing heavily in ensuring robust encryption and data handling protocols.
  • Minimizing Errors: Generative AI, while advanced, can sometimes produce ‘hallucinations’ or erroneous outputs. Legion is employing feedback loops and continuous training to minimize these glitches.
  • Regulatory Adherence: The last thing we want is for our AI to suggest actions that violate HR regulations. Ensuring that our AI abides by local and international labor laws via these configured controls in Legion WFM is a priority.

The Exciting Road Ahead

The technological landscape, especially in the AI domain, is evolving at an unprecedented pace. As we navigate this brave new world, the potential rewards and pitfalls become evident. But at Legion, we do not shy away from challenges.

Our commitment is twofold: Firstly, to our early adopting customers who place their trust in our innovations. We pledge to work closely, iterating, refining, and enhancing our offerings based on feedback.
Secondly, to the broader industry—we aim to engage with analysts and technologists, ensuring that Legion remains at the cutting edge, setting standards and best practices for integrating Generative AI with Workforce Management.

In conclusion, the fusion of Generative AI with Workforce Management is more than just the future—it’s the present we’re actively shaping at Legion. As we continue to innovate and refine, we’re excited about the possibilities and the transformative changes this integration promises. Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine what’s possible in the world of WFM.

Learn more about Legion Copilot, a generative AI-powered assistant embedded within the Legion WFM platform.