The Value of Ensuring Weekly Minimum Hours in Automated Scheduling

August 15, 2023

by Justin Siu

Automated Scheduling Weekly Minimum

When selecting a WFM software provider, an often overlooked aspect is the ability to guarantee employees their weekly minimum hours. It’s important to ensure this so employees stay satisfied—and when using Legion’s Automated Scheduling product, this is already built-in, so your business operations will become more efficient. In this article, we’ll discuss why and how to implement this practice effectively.

A Paradigm Shift to Round-the-Clock Coverage

Traditionally, scheduling has been a complex, time-consuming, and error-prone task involving juggling operational requirements, employees’ preferences, and unexpected changes in business volume or employee call-outs. Automated scheduling enables managers to easily deliver schedules that meet business needs and employee preferences simultaneously—removing the burden of this time-intensive task.

Legion’s Automated Scheduling guarantees that businesses are never under- or over-staffed. Through the power of intelligent automation, Automated Scheduling meticulously maps the demand forecast information with employees’ skills, work preferences, and availability, creating a well-rounded schedule.

Because of this, businesses can smoothly navigate the peaks and valleys of daily operations without any unexpected or negative impacts on their business. Instead, more time can be spent confidently delivering consistent customer service and maintaining operational efficiency.

Fostering Consistent Pay and Job Security

On the flip side, automated scheduling is not merely about meeting operational requirements; it is equally about validating the worth of every employee. By guaranteeing a minimum number of hours per week, Legion’s Automated Scheduling provides a safety net for workers, ensuring consistent pay.

This enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty by giving employees a clear expectation of their hours and earnings. It allows employees to confidently plan their personal life, including financial obligations. This stability, in turn, contributes to an increase in morale and enhanced productivity and retention.

Moreover, intelligent automation enabled by Legion WFM also caters to employee work preferences. By considering these preferences in the scheduling process, employees are more likely to be content with their work hours. And the outcome? Lower turnover rates, a better work-life balance for employees, and a happier, more engaged workforce.

Maximizing Labor Efficiency and Employee Engagement

Automated scheduling that assures weekly minimum hours establishes a delicate balance between the business’s needs and the welfare of its employees. Often, one of these elements is compromised upon, but with Legion’s Automated Scheduling product, they can coexist, creating a successful business model.

Guaranteeing weekly minimum hours ensures the business is adequately staffed at all times, fostering seamless operation and customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, it supports employee well-being by providing job security and consistent income, increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Employees have increased expectations and desire for more schedule flexibility. Legion stands at the forefront, pioneering a solution that maximizes labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously. By leveraging the power of intelligent automation and infusing employee-centric practices, Legion’s Automated Scheduling is leading the way in helping to improve the daily lives of employees.

In conclusion, Legion’s approach to ensuring weekly minimum hours during auto-scheduling is a key cornerstone for delivering on your business strategy and commitment to supporting the backbone of your organization—your employees. Request a demo to learn more about Legion Automated Scheduling.