Employee Performance Metrics in Workforce Management

June 22, 2023

by Björn Wiberg

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Turnover in the retail industry remains stubbornly high compared to other industries. According to a McKinsey survey, 63% of retail employees are considering quitting their jobs and 49% of those employees plan to leave the retail industry altogether. Perceived bias, favoritism, and unfairness in performance assessments contribute to 12% of attrition. By focusing on timely and quantitative feedback, retailers can increase engagement and satisfaction among their workforce. Real-time performance and rewards systems can ensure that employees get continuous feedback from their managers, which helps foster a culture of positive reinforcement and instant recognition for achievements.

Workforce Management Systems, like Legion provides, are a natural place for managers to analyze employee performance. Managers regularly log into Legion to stay on top of their team’s schedule, shift swaps, communications, and timesheet approvals, thus making it an ideal place to view employee performance metrics and recognize their rewards through newsfeed posts or in-person kudos.

By consuming the activity data generated when employees are scheduled, swap shifts, cover shifts, and clock in and out, Legion can measure each employee objectively. This unbiased method of collecting data on employee performance metrics ensures that all results are transparent and fair.

Legion activity data gives managers a powerful way to assign shifts that optimizes the right person to the right place, at the right time.

Activity data is fed straight into Legion’s AI engine to use when automating the process of assigning shifts that maximize revenue and employee value.

Legion provides all its customers with the tools needed to consume, measure, and report employee performance and any rewards they’ve earned.

With Legion’s easy-to-access Performance dashboard, managers can get a reliable overview of their team’s performance. The Performance dashboard shows the total score calculated for each employee along with any rewards they have earned in the current assessment period.

The manager can also dig deeper into each employee and see how their performance has progressed over time and how each score has been calculated.

The manager can manually add performance feedback to employee data, encourage positive behavior, or note other things that have not been captured automatically.

At Legion, we strive to ensure that our customers can leverage all the available data to help drive better operational decisions. To learn more about Legion’s Employee Performance and Rewards offering, please visit legion.co or schedule a demo.