Thanks to the Frontline

November 22, 2022

by Traci Chernoff

Thankful Frontline Workers Blog Thumbnail

As a former in-store employee for various retailers, I always take time during the holiday season to think about the frontline workers who make it all happen.

From the employees who get products to your favorite store so you can purchase your gifts on time and with ease; the employees who process, pack, or deliver your online orders; the employees who work to provide you with exceptional in-store experiences; and the employees who manage all of the moving parts.

Those employees make sure you have an incredible shopping experience every time, especially during the holidays.

It’s not easy being a frontline worker, especially during the holiday season when tensions run a bit high and everyone is pressed to get personal items checked off their lists. But amidst those sometimes tense moments is an employee doing their job, going above and beyond, and trying to meet the needs of the person in front of them. So often, it is a thankless experience.

At Legion, we are committed to turning hourly jobs into good jobs. With our keen focus on maximizing labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously, Legion WFM enables intelligent automation to provide hourly employees flexibility, predictability, earned wage access, and so much more. We are actively trying to impact the lives of these frontline employees positively – not just during the holiday season but all year round.

This year, we should all commit to being more intentional about how we go about experiencing the holiday season, whether you’re shopping in store, online, or ordering your favorite coffee from your local coffee shop. There is a human behind each of those actions and interactions. So let’s be intentional, be thankful, and verbalize our gratitude for the people who make sure we leave with exactly what we need.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates!