How Legion WFM Powers Through C-Store HR Roadblocks

April 14, 2022

by Loree Miller

convenience store

Convenience stores (C-stores) continue to face many HR challenges, including high labor costs due to turnover, low employee engagement, and overworked managers who don’t have enough time to mentor employees.

Top Pain Points

In our infographic, The Key to Scaling C-Store HR Roadblocks, we reviewed the top pain points reported by the National Association of Convenience Stores.

#1 Attracting and retaining hourly employees

  • 153.9% – Average turnover rate for part-time c-store associates
  • 91.8% – Average turnover rate for full-time c-store associates

#2 Optimizing labor efficiency

Ensuring stores are staffed with the right type, number, and mix of employees to satisfy customer needs while complying with labor laws
Avoiding unnecessary labor expenses due to overstaffing and lost revenue opportunities from understaffing

Legion WFM Powers C-Stores

Digitalizing workforce management using solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) enables operators to minimize or overcome these obstacles. Using Legion’s AI-powered workforce management platform (WFM), businesses can:

  • Harness AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately forecast demand and create optimal labor plans
  • Automatically generate fully compliant schedules that match business needs with employee preferences
  • Empower hourly employees by giving them better access to their schedules and flexibility
  • Reduce the time managers spend creating and maintaining schedules by 50%

Learn More

That’s just the beginning of how Legion WFM powers C-Stores. Download the complete infographic to learn more.