UKG Private Cloud Customers – We’re Here To Help

December 20, 2021

by Michael Spataro

hourly workers on computers

Michael Spataro is Chief Delivery Officer at Legion.

The holidays can be stressful for many, especially hourly employees, their managers, and their employers. We know these are especially stressful times for UKG private cloud customers, so we’re here to help you get back on your feet and resume normal operations quickly.

We don’t wish for any business to face this kind of attack, but when they occur, we have capabilities to limit the damage and help our customers move forward. While we don’t claim that we can get hundreds of UKG customers live on our WFM solution in hours, we can solve the biggest pain point – capturing clocks. We can implement that in 24-48 hours, so when payday arrives, you’ll have the correct and full data reported and validated the day the work was performed. Also, Legion WFM provides a cloud-native SaaS application with a core data-science foundation.

Get Back Up and Running in Less Than 48 Hours

Legion can help you get back up and running in less than 48 hours to accurately capture time clocks. And we can set up Legion WFM for you in weeks without intensive migration efforts. Legion’s template-based automated configuration approach to implementation enables lightning-fast deployments – all done remotely. And with the built-in training, your teams can hit the ground running with our powerful and easy-to-use WFM platform and mobile app.

Modern Architecture Advantage

Legion has a multi-tenant architecture in a single shared-service infrastructure with a single codebase across all systems. Our proven architecture provides major advantages over legacy solutions because there is a single place to apply critical security patches, and they’re instantly available to all customer environments. With legacy private cloud solutions, customers may run on a different codebase, and application patches have to be planned, coordinated, and executed one at a time, causing delays in time to resolution (TTR).

Provide Effective, Compliant Communication with Your Frontline Employees

Legion Frontline Communications can help you quickly implement effective and fully compliant communication with your frontline team and reassure them so retention issues don’t become an issue too. Your employees likely don’t understand the full extent of the ransomware attack. You can use the communications module to tell your employees they’ll be paid for their time worked and explain the steps you’re taking to resume operations, such as any changes to the way they capture their time. For Legion WFM customers who use the Scheduling module, employees receive communications on the same app they use to check their schedules, ensuring messages reach them. And Frontline Communications is fully clock-aware, so it reduces your compliance risk.

Switch Now and Achieve 13x ROI

We can help you get back to fully operational in weeks and on your way to recognizing 13x ROI. The recent Forrester Total Economic Study reported that 10,000-employee companies moving from a legacy solution achieved:

  • $6.1M in schedule optimization savings through AI-powered demand forecasting. Customers had 80% more accurate demand forecasts than legacy solutions.
  • $4.2M in manager productivity savings. Managers saved 5 hours per week on schedule creation and maintenance. With Legion’s Automated Scheduling, organizations were able to cut scheduling time by 50%.
  • $3.6M in savings from lower attrition. Legion’s automated scheduling automatically matches business needs with employee preferences. Employees get gig-like flexibility and modern communication tools through an easy-to-use mobile app.
  • 10% lower compliance costs. With Legion WFM, compliance is built-in from the start. Federal, state, and local WFM compliance legislation rules are pre-built in the product and updated as legislation changes.

We’re here to help you get through this difficult situation, so please contact us to learn about our special Rapid Recovery program designed specifically for UKG private cloud customers.