Compliance Watch November 2021 – Latest Updates on Labor Laws

November 4, 2021

by Justin Siu

Compliance Watch Bulletin November 2021 Edition

We just sent out the fifth edition of Compliance Watch – Legion’s quarterly bulletin about key changes in compliance rules. It includes information and resource links to help you monitor new employment laws and make it easier to manage and maintain compliance.

In this edition, we cover recent and planned updates in Covid Vaccine Mandates, Employee Leave Laws, and Minimum Wages.

Covid Vaccination Mandates

The federal government will mandate that employers with 100 or more employees require that their employees be vaccinated or produce a negative covid test each week. The final details and requirements from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) have not been issued. Other cities across the country have also passed similar laws regarding vaccination mandates.

Legion WFM can help support customers who are subject to the vaccine mandates with its Time Clock Questionnaire and Newsfeed along with time clock configurations to ensure only healthy employees are clocking in.

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Employee Leave Law Updates

On January 1, 2022, Colorado and Connecticut laws requiring employers to provide employee sick leave will take effect. See Compliance Watch for details.

Businesses can choose to manage employee time-off requests and accrual balances in an HCM system or a WFM system, such as Legion WFM. If time-off requests and accrual balances are maintained in the HCM system, the sick leave law updates will be managed in that system. Approved time-off can be sent easily to Legion WFM to factor in scheduling.

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Minimum Wage Updates

Minimum wage adjustments typically take effect in January, March, July, and December. Read the Compliance Watch to see the list of states and some major cities that have upcoming minimum wage increases.

Legion WFM supports loading a minimum wage for both cities and states, and the wage can be used to ensure employers are staying compliant with the rules in their locations. For example, Legion WFM uses the minimum wage as an input to ensure that employees only receive shift offers for locations where their pay rate is greater than the minimum wage. Additionally, when managers manually add shifts for employees at other locations, Legion WFM can automatically flag shifts when there may be a pay rate violation based on the minimum wage.

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Read the complete Compliance Watch Bulletin to get all the details of this legislation and see the resources links to help you manage compliance. Download now.