Legion and Concrete Deliver Greater Empowerment to Field Teams Without Compliance Risk

October 21, 2021

by Kristin Brennan

Legion & Concrete

Legion and Concrete partnered to release LaborSafe, a new schedule-aware integration that Concrete customers can use to offer Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for hourly workers without compliance risk.

Legion and Concrete are focused on helping hourly employees. Legion WFM is an AI-powered workforce management platform that optimizes labor efficiency and enhances the employee experience simultaneously. Concrete delivers a mobile-first employee engagement and task management platform that connects field workers to daily SOPs, communications, and education to drive store performance.

How It Works

The LaborSafe initiative enables Concrete customers to control its field teams’ use of the Concrete Field Worker Engagement app on personal phones, ensuring that ‘work’ systems and tools can only be accessed when employees are on location and working a shift. When employees are off shift, the app will still allow them to communicate with the business and receive important, timely updates by leveraging Legion WFM automated scheduling that keeps track of employees’ schedules and clocks in real time.

Legion WFM enables businesses to plan with long-term budgeting and automated demand forecasting, execute more effectively with optimized labor plans and automated scheduling, and empower employees with schedules that better match their preferences, giving them gig-like flexibility and modern digital tools. Through the Legion WFM mobile app, employees can share scheduling preferences, view upcoming shifts, swap shifts, and more. Managers say they use these benefits to retain employees and increase engagement.

CEO Viewpoints

Sanish Mondkar, Legion founder and CEO
“Optimizing labor while simultaneously enabling better experiences for the frontline workforce through the Legion Workforce Management platform is a strategic priority for Legion. Our work with Concrete gives our customers a seamless experience for planning labor and empowering employees with schedule flexibility and modern communications without worrying about compliance issues.

Tristan Rogers, Concrete founder and CEO
“As retailers know, achieving optimal field team performance in stores relies on great communication, process, and visibility, but empowering individual hourly workers with modern communications has always been a sticking point due to compliance concerns. This new initiative with Legion solves the problem by enabling our customers to establish a personal connection with every store worker – which is key to their engagement and performance – while also labor law compliant. In addition, retailers will save on dedicated hardware costs at store level for their field teams.”

Customer Success Using Legion and Concrete

As proven by Forrester Research, the Legion WFM platform delivers 13x ROI through schedule optimization, reduced attrition, increased productivity, and increased operational efficiency. Legion delivers cutting-edge technology to enterprise customers in an easy-to-use platform and a mobile app that employees love.

Concrete can deliver major brands a 3-5% revenue increase at the store level while also cutting employee churn by 50%. Concrete equips customers with a suite of features to cover all in-store processes, from visual merchandise approval to product recalls. It gives brands the power to drive consistent conversion and customer satisfaction across the store fleet by controlling the in-store activities that matter. 

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