The Future of Workforce Management Is Here Now

September 14, 2021

by Sanish Mondkar

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The challenges of managing labor and meeting expectations of employees are rapidly changing. Workforce management needs to adapt and evolve to keep pace. Today, Legion is taking a significant step to solve those challenges with the introduction of four new modules in the Legion Workforce Management (WFM) platform: Labor Budgeting, Performance and Rewards, Frontline Communications, and Legion InstantPay. Adding these modules to the Legion WFM platform solidifies our commitment to deliver world-class, data-driven WFM capabilities for better planning and execution while simultaneously empowering hourly employees – all on a modern, AI-powered, cloud-native platform.

Legion delivers value across the workforce management continuum and provides you with the insights you need to deliver more value back to your business. Through planning and execution, Legion delivers technology that empowers your employees and helps you improve business outcomes. Please join us for our webcast on September 23rd at 11am PDT | 2pm EDT to learn more about our vision and these exciting new capabilities.


The Legion WFM platform provides businesses with highly accurate forecasts, schedule automation, and actionable insights, enabling more control over labor costs and minimizing compliance risks. With the new Legion Labor Budgeting module, businesses now have powerful, long-range demand forecasting and labor budgeting capabilities.

NEW: Legion Labor Budgeting

The Legion Labor Budgeting module enables Legion WFM to create labor budgets using accurate long-term forecasts powered by machine learning, as well as operating hours, labor models, wage rates, and other rules used to execute weekly schedules. Budgets can be fine-tuned using templates and what-if models and set for automatic execution with Legion Automated Scheduling.


A core principle of our AI-powered WFM platform is enabling businesses to execute more effectively and automatically match employee scheduling preferences with business needs. Legion WFM creates the optimal labor plan based on forecasted demand, budget constraints, company policies, and compliance considerations.

Once the optimal labor plan is in place, fully compliant schedules that match your employees’ preferences can be generated in a single click, freeing managers to focus on mentoring employees, delivering excellent customer service, and contributing to sales goals.

And you can record employee clocks and ensure compliance with accurate time tracking using tools your employees already know, including mobile devices, web, or a POS system, rather than outdated, costly hardware.


Workforce management isn’t just about labor management and optimization. It’s also about empowering frontline workers, increasing engagement, and turning hourly jobs into good jobs. By integrating our new employee-focused modules – Frontline Communications, Performance and Rewards, and Legion InstantPay, into the Legion WFM platform, we’re helping you create an even better experience that attracts and retains hourly employees.

NEW: Legion Frontline Communications

According to a recent study of thousands of hourly workers and managers commissioned by Legion, nearly 40% of those surveyed said they would leave a job due to poor communication with an employer. The new Legion Frontline Communications module solves this problem, enabling businesses to easily offer digital communications options to employees, their managers, and peers – avoiding compliance risks of off-clock access or challenges associated with extending email to frontline employees.

NEW: Legion InstantPay

The new Legion InstantPay module gives employers the power to easily and efficiently provide employees with access to earned wages when needed and also lets them track their earnings in real time. By integrating this module through the Legion WFM app, which 95% of employees are already using regularly, businesses can drive schedule adherence, improve clock in and clock out behavior, and fill shifts faster by showing employees how much they’ll earn for an open shift.

NEW: Legion Performance and Rewards

With today’s labor shortages, attracting and motivating employees is very important. Legion Performance and Rewards automatically measures employee performance and computes rewards or infraction points to objectively measure an employee’s daily performance. Managers can effortlessly evaluate and reward high performers, while in-app leaderboards gamify the employee experience to help drive motivation.

Delivering Value Back to the Business

The complete workforce management continuum is wrapped in actionable insights to control labor costs, increase productivity, and minimize your compliance risk, so you can analyze your performance against goals and publish reports.

We Can Help You Optimize Labor Efficiency and Enhance the Employee Experience

With our expanded platform, we help businesses overcome their biggest challenges:

  • Optimizing labor costs
  • Improving productivity through automation
  • Managing compliance
  • Attracting and retaining hourly employees through greater empowerment

We’ve proven that businesses can optimize labor efficiency and enhance their employees’ experience simultaneously – with 13x ROI.

We’re excited to show you what Legion can do for both your business and hourly employees. Please join us for our webcast on September 23rd at 11am PDT | 2pm EDT to learn more about our vision and these exciting new capabilities.