Transforming Workplace Compliance With AI

March 3, 2021

by Casey Castellanos

Legion Wfm Workplace Compliance Ai

We have a new on-demand webcast, Transforming Workplace Compliance With AI, where Kristin Brennan and Justin Siu show how Legion WFM helps you automate workplace compliance and avoid costly penalties.

Here are just a few examples of compliance penalties:
$500 – maximum fine for each violation of the Chicago Fair Workweek
$2,000 – fine for coercing a worker to sign up for the voluntary standby list in Oregon
$10,000 – fine for the first violation of child labor law
$10,000 – fine for willful violation of federal overtime rules

All states have compliance regulations, but some organizations face heavier burdens than others, depending on their location. Plus, the rules often seem to conflict with an organization’s priorities, such as staying on budget, ensuring healthy worker protocols, matching employee preferences and availability, delivering great customer service, and managing compliance.

Organizations tend to rely on manual, paper-based processes to tackle compliance management which often leads to mistakes. Payroll teams and managers can’t keep up with tracking and recording every schedule change and determining the timing to calculate the premium amount.

Watch now to learn how Legion WFM helps you manage the complexities of compliance rules while saving you time and money, and freeing your managers to focus on customers and employees.

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