Top 5 Reasons to Visit Legion at NRF

January 11, 2020

by Nancy Boas

Image From Ios 8

Legion is exhibiting in the Start-Up Zone at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show  and I want to encourage everyone who is attending the show to come by our booth to see Legion in action.

Here are the top five reasons you should pop by:

1) You could be leaving money on the table
Legion’s highly accurate forecasts mean managers save 6 to 8 hours per week on average in building schedules. Near-perfect labor forecasts help you eliminate overstaffing and understaffing forever.

2) Employees love our app
83 percent of younger workers are likely to stay at jobs if employers can meet their needs for scheduling flexibility, according to Harvard Business Review. Legion solves this with an easy-to-use and delightful app. Come by booth 7115 and we’ll show you just how it works.

3) We have an end-to-end WFM platform

It starts with machine learning-driven demand forecast and ends with Time & Attendance that syncs with your payroll system, all in a cloud-based and easy-to-administer solution.

4) Our user interface really is lovely

Legion spends a lot of time working on sophisticated proprietary machine learning-driven algorithms on the backend. At the same time, we marry this with simple and stunning visuals so you get the right insights to take the right action at the right time without wasting a minute.

5) We are fun
Some Legion employees have even been known to dress up on occasion. There are no guarantees we’ll be in costume, but you never know—so its best to stop by the booth just in case.

If you can’t make it to NRF, schedule a demo any time.