Why WFC Customers
Are Choosing Legion

Explore how Kronos WFC customers can maximize labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously by switching to Legion WFM. The world of WFM has dramatically evolved – learn how you can transform labor operations and take advantage of our most aggressive pricing today.

Top 5 Reasons Customers Switch From Legacy Solutions to Legion WFM

  • The most advanced AI-based demand forecasting.
  • Proven double-digit accuracy improvement over legacy solutions and 5x ROI
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[With Legion], managers can shift away from really what I like to call ‘1980s retail’ and into the modern age.

Director of workforce planning, retail

Forrester TEI on Legion WFM

What You Get with Legion WFM

Intelligent, automated, employee-centric workforce management software

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Total Economic Impact Study

Read the full report and learn what you get with Legion WFM.

Customer-Proven Results

A Forrester TEI study quantified the economic impact of the Legion platform for a company with 10k employees over a three-year period. Savings based on $260k/yr investment for three years, resulting in 13x ROI.


hard-dollar savings based on 10k employees


schedule optimization


manager-productivity improvement


attrition reduction

Legion Delivers Unmatched ROI

Legion ROI compared to the leading legacy provider


Greater saving per store manager


Greater ROI

Let's get into the details of why customers are turning to Legion WFM

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Automatically generate models by unique dataset to deliver higher accuracy and automated ingestion and analysis of 1000s of data points

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Automatically assign employees across locations to provide additional options to earn wages and optimize labor efficiencies

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Automatically incorporate historical, ongoing demand drivers and future events, to staff top performers during peak periods and to provide a frictionless customer experience

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Pre-built, up-to-date compliance templates and business rules ensure schedules are predictable and fully compliant

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Full automation of over 55 common activities frees managers to drive sales and engagement

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No technical debt or legacy code. Leverage Legion’s AI-native microservices-based architecture and single code base across all systems

Customers Who Have Turned to Legion WFM From Legacy Solutions

Dollar General
Five Below

3 Top Discount Retailers

2 of the Top 10 Largest Sporting Goods Retailers

We loved the UI, the functions and feature set, the easy-to-use mobile app, and the product roadmap.

Executive Director of Information Systems
National Petro-Convenience Store Chain

Enabled by Legion’s intuitive UI and modern deployment and training strategy, we were able to get our first 200 locations on Legion live in less than 5 months. Thousands of additional locations went live in the following 15 weeks – at a fraction of the cost other vendors offered.

Director of Workforce Planning

In my last role, I used a legacy WFM solution. It was clunky and didn’t predict scheduling needs effectively. Legion’s Workforce Management Platform has enabled us to transform scheduling from an art to a science.

Senior Manager
Global Retail Operations

[With Legion], managers can shift away from really what I like to call ‘1980s retail’ and into the modern age.

Director of workforce planning, retail
Forrester TEI on Legion WFM

Award Winning AI-Native Workforce Management

Legion WFM is an AI-native platform based on award winning data science.

Learn More About Legion WFM

The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

Infographic: The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

A recent study by Forrester Consulting shows a 1,345% Return on Investment for Legion’s Retail WFM platform.. Download the infographic now to help assess the financial impact your organization could experience with Legion Workforce Management.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of the Legion Workforce Management Platform

The Total Economic Impact™ of Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management

Forrester Consulting found Legion Retail WFM delivers retailers 13x ROI and $14.3 hard-dollar savings for a company with 10k employees moving from a legacy solution.

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SMCP’s New Superpower – AI-Based Scheduling using Legion WFM

Learn how SMCP reduced scheduling time by 50% giving managers more time for selling and training — resulting in 22% sales contribution increase.

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Intelligent Automation Powered by Legion WFM

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation across the entire workforce management process continuum by continuously learning from data, leveraging AI, while improving employee satisfaction.

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Intelligent, Automated Scheduling and Time and Attendance

Legion WFM enables intelligent automation. It helps managers make better decisions & execute more efficiently. It automates routine scheduling and time & attendance tasks.

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workforce management

Legion WFM: Improving the Hourly Employee Experience through Intelligent Automation

Legion workforce management enables intelligent automation. It empowers hourly employees with gig-like schedule flexibility, modern self-service tools, and instant access to earned wages and helps businesses recruit and retain hourly employees.

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AI-Powered Demand Forecasting: A Buyer’s Guide

Download Legion’s Guide to AI-Powered Demand Forecasting to learn everything you need to know about Demand Forecasting, simple explanations, and key questions to ask for those evaluating products and solutions.

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Legion Leverages Future-of-Work Technology to Empower Hourly Workforces

This new 3Sixty Insights analyst report reviews how Legion’s AI-powered workforce management platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve challenging problems such as demand forecasting, compliance, budget control, and workforce sharing.

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Intelligent Workforce Management: What HR Leaders Need to Know

Learn how intelligent, AI-driven workforce management can help you keep deskless workers motivated and engaged, and use it as a strategic lever for improving the employee experience.

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