Workforce Sharing

Fill in coverage gaps. Provide scheduling flexibility.

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of youth workers are more likely to stay if they have control over their work schedules

Harvard Business Review

Give your employees the flexibility they desire while filling coverage gaps with Legion’s workforce sharing features.

What Legion can do for Workforce Sharing

Here are some of the ways Legion can helps provide flexibility for your workforce

Work anywhere

With Legion’s simple-to-use employee engagement app, workers indicate their primary work location and specify where they are willing to work. Employers gain a larger pool of employees that can work across multiple locations. Once a shift is assigned, employees see their scheduled work location, co-workers on the shift, and estimated pay. Employees can also initiate swaps directly from the app.

Support an on-demand workforce

The Legion employee scheduling app is easily enabled and disabled by employers., If you have students, actors, holiday staff or other workers with flexibility needs, simply enable and disable access to add workers to schedules and let them decide where they want to work. Since schedule flexibility is one of the most important retention factors, this goes a long way toward employee happiness.

Self-guided onboarding

Legion lets you customize how the Legion employee engagement app looks, with your logo and customized splash pages. From here, you can allow employees to work across multiple locations, determine rest and meal breaks and more. Managers can input location names, addresses and photos and let employees determine where and when they want to work.

Open Shifts minimize disruptions

When a last minute call-out happens, it can wreak havoc on a business. But with Legion’s intelligent Open Shift mechanism, available shifts can be offered to those employees who are available and have indicated a willingness to work at the location of the available shift. Legion automates this process and ensures peak-hour shifts are given priority.

Remain compliant

As employees work across locations, Legion considers the amount of time an employee has worked collectively to ensure overtime, premium pay, clopening, meal breaks and other labor regulations are factored. With AI horsepower, complex computations like these that go across locations used to take hours and can now be accomplished in seconds.

Auto schedule

Legion takes an algorithmic approach to scheduling, accurately matching business needs with employee scheduling preferences. We first want the best employees on hand during peak periods, then factor in home location preferences. If your best employees are willing to work at other locations, this is also considered so you get the best workers for the job, automatically.