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Retailers’ New Superpower

Join SMCP, Legion, RetailWire, and FIT for a discussion about some of the challenges retailers are currently facing with worker scheduling, including inequitable schedules, managing a healthy workforce amidst COVID-19, compliance issues, and more.

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SMCP — Bringing People and Business Together with AI-Based Scheduling

Learn how AI-based scheduling helped SMCP maximize productivity and efficiency, increase employee engagement, overcome compliance challenges, and enabled them to better manage COVID.

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Compliance Solution

AI-powered automated scheduling and timesheets incorporate local compliance regulations without manual effort | Predictive scheduling laws | Positive work environment.

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Corporate Overview

With Legion WFM, businesses can optimize labor efficiency and enhance employee experience simultaneously. In a recent study, Forrester Research calculated that Legion WFM customers realized 13x ROI.

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SMCP’s New Superpower – AI-Based Scheduling using Legion WFM

Learn how SMCP reduced scheduling time by 50% giving managers more time for selling and training — resulting in 22% sales contribution increase.

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How Blink Elevated Its Workforce Management Practices

Learn how Blink Fitness was able to save 10,000 hours annually on scheduling and add budget constraints to schedules to manage labor costs.

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How SoulCycle Reduced Scheduling Time by 50%

Learn how SoulCycle cut the amount of time managers spend on schedules in half and dropped their compliance violations to zero.

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