The New Normal Requires a Robust Digital Transformation Strategy

April 1, 2021

by Kristin Brennan

Legion New Normal Robust Digital Strategy

Recently Sanish Mondkar, CEO and founder of Legion, talked with Jeff Somers at The Future of Business and Tech for his article, The New “Business-As-Usual. Sanish discussed how important it is for companies to have a robust digital transformation strategy if they want to be agile and adapt to the “new normal.”

At the highest level, a digital transformation strategy means using technology to improve your business. That could be automated decisions, improved experiences, or adopting technologies that make your organization more agile. For example, you can operationalize a curbside pick-up very quickly when you have the right technologies.

Sanish Mondkar

Traci Rubin, Director of HR at SMCP, a leader in the accessible luxury market, shared her experience using Legion WFM. Traci is passionately committed to bringing people and the business closer together while destigmatizing HR in the process. She described the results SMCP achieved and how Legion WFM helped them keep key employees, which allowed their stores to remain open during the height of the pandemic.

If you can improve employee engagement and attendance through scheduling empowerment, I think that’s where the magic happens. Employees feel like they have more control over their day-to-day.

Traci Rubin

SMCP uses Legion’s AI-optimized scheduling, which matches business needs and employee preferences. Hourly workers use the mobile app to get full visibility and control of their schedules, contributing to greater employee engagement. The company has achieved 50% reduction in time spent on scheduling time, 22% increase in manager contribution to sales, and 100% employee engagement with the mobile app.

Read the full article to get all of the details. And check out Traci’s podcast, Bringing the Human back to Human Resources, on your favorite podcast app.