Budget Control

Control costs. Save time.

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of sales revenue spent on labor

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Legion helps employers make the most of their existing workforce with intuitive budgeting tools. Once a budget is set, auto-generated schedules consider all tasks that need to occur during any given shift for optimal scheduling.

What Legion can do for Budget Control

Here are some of the ways Legion helps organizations improve their bottom line

Auto calculated labor guidance

Legion automatically applies calculations based on roles, with hours and estimates of total wages, so you have an accurate starting point for labor budgeting alongside an easy-to-understand UI to ease the burden of labor budgeting.

Top-down or bottom-up budgeting

Managers are automatically prompted to set a budget in Legion when schedules are being created. They can also go back to existing schedules and tweak budgets, then republish the schedules based on new budget numbers.

Manager prompts

Legion has built-in tools to ensure managers are properly managing their hourly workforce. Along these lines, schedules cannot be created without acceptance or tweaking of auto-generated budget guidance provided by Legion.

Import budget spreadsheets

Some customers may have advanced, bespoke workload computations. Legion easily integrates these into the scheduling workflow with an import option.

Sophisticated modeling

Legion auto-computes labor hours required to meet forecasted demand. When a manager tweaks budget numbers, Legion uses advanced computational power to make micro-adjustments to the schedule.

Complete paper trail

You can view the entire history of scheduling changes and budgeting tweaks in Legion to understand what yields the best results for your business while gauging the effectiveness of managers that control the budget